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(x-post from bc how do you mastodon?) i'm elżbieta; i'm 26; i'm proud to represent minneapolis; i'm a musician, barista, and science student; i'm interested in literature and faith and baseball; i am a lesbian and a trans woman and an unroman catholic; i'm sober and vegan; i have no idea how mastodon works

:_gaysparkle: Mauve's Polari Word of the Day :_gaysparkle:

Polari quite understandably contains lots of different ways to refer to the police. Here are my favourites:

Betty Bracelets
Lily Law
Jennifer Justice
Hilda Handcuffs

You can also refer to them as "orderly daughters", but personally I find the alliteration of names like Lily Law much more pleasing on the tongue.

exercise, embodiment (+) 

ran a little over six miles and spent three hours in the recording studio (including about half an hour in a small windowless ventless vocal booth when it was already 80-something F). feels good to have done but wow am i tired

exercise (~) 

ugh a short nap turned into a long nap and now i don't have time for my run

police arrest own commissioner for "disruptive" criticism. uspol. detroit. 

Detroit police arrest a police commissioner who criticizes them/"disrupts" a meeting... no surprises he's a black man. And on a tech note, he was objecting to uses of facial recognition technology.

... the thing is -- the the police are not a redeemable entity. Getting into roles of some influence, advocating for your community while playing along by being part of it... it's gonna end like this

@elzbieta like some bot has decided i might have bipolar depression... and chosen to advertise gambling, one of the most notorious expressions of irresponsible risk-taking in people with that condition

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mental illness, gambling, internet/capitalism (-) 

targeted advertising is a real trip

xtianity, fundamentalism 

unpacking some things with an exvangelical friend and we keep uncovering heresy after heresy of how small the gd of their upbringing was. they were taught to fear so many concepts that we both now consider biblically inspired, things like the divinity of evolving understandings (the rainbow as a promise, "you have heard it said... but i say to you...") or questioning at all (israel wrestling the angel, "why have you forsaken me")

In protest of exploitative working conditions, workers at Amazon warehouses are withdrawing their labour on Amazon Prime Day. Workers will staging a walk out during Prime Day, on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July

Do not scab

Stay away from Amazon

Stand with your fellow worker


we're all kinda weary about trying to report things, I think, since we come from a space where reporting issues gets you nowhere. not even a response, in many cases. but it's different here, if you're on a good instance (or sending to one).

we need to come together and point out these problems when we spot them, instead of just assuming they'll go away on their own, or that it's better to block and ignore. reporting may do nothing some places, but not reporting will /always/ do nothing.

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race, colorism? 

no one is required to disclose their family history. why do you care. chill out and stop assuming light skin means white skin

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exercise (+) 

if anyone's a running nerd, here's the splits. and if you are a running nerd with advice for trimming some of that first mile or that middle mile with the turnaround (both consistent problems), i'm all ears.

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exercise (+) 

was unsure about this run, but apparently i didn't need to be

(i've been using this tracker for the past 5ish years and i've been running for 15 or so, so i've probably run five and a half miles faster than this before, but not in quite some time)

@elzbieta i have the joking answer "whomever krista tippett is talking to" but obviously that's a dodge

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my church does post-homily dialogue, during which i often speak. yesterday, to indicate that they liked what i had to say, one of the parishioners asked "where do you get yr theology?" which led to the startling realization that i don't really know.

revealing your child's gender that they didn't reveal themselves is still bad even if you don't do it at a party

dress your baby in yellow, or black, or grey. when somebody asks what it is, smile with lightly-crinkled brow and say "... it's a baby."

So here's a thing about #nativeAmericans and #horses

Another lesson in don't believe white people's idea of history, b/c oh hey they're full of shit. Also, whites make up history for political reasons

#native #Indigenous #history

my normally not-super-out-there partner brought up the spectre of the float tank, a concept for which i bear a frightened awe. if anyone can push me toward one of the few things i'm genuinely afraid of, though, it's them. anyone have any experiences or resources around floats?

xtianity/prayer, but funny 

somebody used google translate on the koine "kyrie elaison" but of course google translates into contemporary greek and

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