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(x-post from bc how do you mastodon?) i'm elżbieta; i'm 26; i'm proud to represent minneapolis; i'm a musician, barista, and science student; i'm interested in literature and faith and baseball; i am a lesbian and a trans woman and an unroman catholic; i'm sober and vegan; i have no idea how mastodon works

:_gaysparkle: Mauve's Polari Word of the Day :_gaysparkle:

Polari quite understandably contains lots of different ways to refer to the police. Here are my favourites:

Betty Bracelets
Lily Law
Jennifer Justice
Hilda Handcuffs

You can also refer to them as "orderly daughters", but personally I find the alliteration of names like Lily Law much more pleasing on the tongue.

exercise, embodiment (+) 

exercise (~) 

police arrest own commissioner for "disruptive" criticism. uspol. detroit. 

@elzbieta like some bot has decided i might have bipolar depression... and chosen to advertise gambling, one of the most notorious expressions of irresponsible risk-taking in people with that condition

mental illness, gambling, internet/capitalism (-) 

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In protest of exploitative working conditions, workers at Amazon warehouses are withdrawing their labour on Amazon Prime Day. Workers will staging a walk out during Prime Day, on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th July

Do not scab

Stay away from Amazon

Stand with your fellow worker


race, colorism? 

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@elzbieta i have the joking answer "whomever krista tippett is talking to" but obviously that's a dodge


revealing your child's gender that they didn't reveal themselves is still bad even if you don't do it at a party

dress your baby in yellow, or black, or grey. when somebody asks what it is, smile with lightly-crinkled brow and say "... it's a baby."

So here's a thing about #nativeAmericans and #horses

Another lesson in don't believe white people's idea of history, b/c oh hey they're full of shit. Also, whites make up history for political reasons

#native #Indigenous #history

my normally not-super-out-there partner brought up the spectre of the float tank, a concept for which i bear a frightened awe. if anyone can push me toward one of the few things i'm genuinely afraid of, though, it's them. anyone have any experiences or resources around floats?

xtianity/prayer, but funny 

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