Enneagram 9, 1 wing (I think? New to that too). Originally from Western NY; just moved to Pittsburgh. Looking forward to visiting some affirming churches here. But also severely anxious to do so. Holding it all simultaneously and quite shakily. (That’s not a word)

@mike holy shit I feel like Obama just atted me 😳 💘💘💘

@mike is it weird that in my experience of reality you’re like my own personal Obama/Beatles/ dad? Yeah, that’s weird, right?? I love you.

@emkem I get the dad thing a lot. Like a lot a lot. And, who could be upset being compared to Obama?

@mike king Obama. Lifetime appointment. When you talked about that on the podcast I had to go play it for my
Husband - he is in complete agreement. We will both work for that monarchy campaign if you can find a way to make that an option.


@Usernamesaredifficult @mike I am suddenly regretting opening the doors not only for potential Obama bashing but Beatles bashing too — ALLLL I meant was Science Mike is basically my dad and I cherish him as such. 🙏 😂

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