Enneagram 9, 1 wing (I think? New to that too). Originally from Western NY; just moved to Pittsburgh. Looking forward to visiting some affirming churches here. But also severely anxious to do so. Holding it all simultaneously and quite shakily. (That’s not a word)

@emkem where at in Western NY? I originally grew up in Rushford.

@sim1 whaa I mean I’m no geo expert up there but I’m trying to figure out if you mean some sort of combo between Rush and Pittsford? I’m from Henrietta. So like pretended I was from Rochester but really just West Henny.

@emkem haha naaaah it's a real place. Tiny town a couple hours south of Rochester. Population ~1500 when I lived there. Even smaller now I think.


@sim1 ohh well hi, fellow friend also accustomed to having to distinguish between NYC and the rest of our childhood realities. 🙏🏻

@emkem Hi!! Yesss so much this. I tell people "imagine NYC. Now imagine a town exactly the opposite of NYC. That's where I grew up."

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