Theory: neither heterosexuality NOR homosexuality actually exist within human sexuality. Discuss? If so desired? I’m a 9 so I’m literally incapable of making demands upon others but I’d love to unpack this throughout my day with other minds to help me feel less alone?

The tough thing here is that human sexuality includes socialization and culture. I think I’d agree that without our cultural taboos and conditioning, strict confines around sexual activity and gender would be absent.

@emkem depends on the meaning of terms and if the causation is biological, cultural, or both. I have experienced attraction to women and not men, so would say heterosexuality exists. I also know multiple people who experience attraction to the same sex. I would say both exist but are not a binary but a spectrum. Also, the reasons why we are attracted to people is more complex than we realize.

@Beaty @emkem I agree with beaty. Even though those definitions of sexuality are not binary and are very much culturally conditioned - it doesn't mean they aren't real. For a set of complex reasons I am sexually attracted to women and almost not at all sexually attracted to men. So my experience can legitimately be described as heterosexual. And I certainly wouldn't want to tell a lesbian friend of mine that her sexual orientation and IDENTITY is somehow not real...

@Beaty @emkem And of course by real in this case, I mean real as a cultural construct and a lived experience, not some objective fact or whatever.

@emkem I think that whether you're technically right or not, there's functionally no difference between saying that you're very far to the extreme of one end of the spectrum versus saying that you're straight or gay. So if people want to identify that way, I say let them.

@mike @Beaty @Pondering @brady ok so I realize the important clarification for me to make here is whatever sexual identity ‘you’ currently find home in on the spectrum is not only ‘real’ but REAL, like, valid; if either homo or hetero identity allows you to function in a holistically healthy way in the world, I fully respect and support that identity.

@emkem I love the quotation marks around “you”! (I’m not being sarcastic) “I” should just put quotation marks around all pronouns to remind myself that individuals are also just stories...

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