Parents/guardians: when you post your kids’ photos/quotes/etc to any social media (including here), have they expressed to you their full, enthusiastic consent for you to do so?

This question is for myself primarily but I have learned that others also share my need of frequent reminders

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@emkem I have a child asking that we not post to Facebook and I've been honoring that. Instead, my family has a private group on Signal and he let's me share there. He doesn't like the idea of strangers seeing him.

@emkem Honestly, no. My son isn't quite four yet, but that doesn't mean I can't ask him. It's not something I'd thought about before, but I will now. 😃

@emkem This is something I became conflicted with in the last 6 months or so. I used to post photos of my kids to FB and Instagram all the time without their consent. But those accounts are deleted now, and I haven't posted anything here that I can recall. I like the idea of them having a clean slate on the social web. I just send pictures to family via text messages now. They're the ones the FB and Instagram posts were meant for anyway. :)

My son really does want to be on AFV, though. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@emkem I may change my approach as my daughter gets older but for right now I just post fully clothed pictures of her that are respectful and kind toward her. I won't be sharing embarrassing stories, poop in the potty (no one really wants to see that!), or complaining about her behavior. If she sees my posts someday I want them to be proof of my love for her.

@emkem my boys rarely give me the okay to post their pictures, so I don't.

I never post their face and often not even their whole body. Normally just feet or hands.

@emkem we “submit” posts to our girls for approval and have since kindergarten. (Age 20&17). At some point we realized that photos are “out there” forever and it has been a way to honor their individual privacy.

@emkem My son is only 2 months old so consent isn’t possible yet. Still we only post to our private IG accounts. And use shared iCloud libraries or group text messages for family. When he gets older I want to teach him about being responsible on social media. 🤞Wish me luck.

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