Hey everybody so instagram deleted Jamie Lee Finch’s account bc she was reported so much for sharing the cover of her new book, which features the body of a woman (GASP). Nipples not even exposed (regardless of that bullshit policy). If you’re on other social media would you join me in raising a damn stink to IG about this instafuckery?

@Christin so far, the book is extremely levelheaded, academic even. I’ve only finished the first section “history and overview” but that alone is so so helpful in forming the absolute most basic understanding of the history of American fundamentalist xtianity and the root of the lies it perpetuates. Highly recommend, unqualified. I do not believe it will retraumatize you but inform your healing process. I’m here if you decide to explore it or want a friend with whom to discuss. 💜

@Christin EDIT: ok so I had to return here to correct my initial recommendation - the second section titled “my story” is potentially VERY retraumatizing *if you experienced any number of traumatic teachings/actions under evangelical xtianity (e.g. rapture anxiety, corporal punishment, etc), 1/2

@Christin so while the “history & overview” section is helpful academically to provide clarity for those who both can and cannot relate to this kind of upbringing, I can ONLY recommend the “my story” section IF you have already undergone a significant level of healing and feel safe and confident hearing *explicit anecdotes of personal trauma that may/may not remind you of your own trauma. Phew. 2/2

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