This holiday is definitely the hardest for me and after 6 years free of literalism I still don’t know why I can’t just embrace the mystery... I feel farthest from “the Christ” on Easter. How do you all view the “resurrection,” without cynicism or dismissal, but also without elevating it to a place higher than I personally can believe? I hate that I’m still attached to this story honestly but I’ve tried and with a Christian spouse and kids that love Jesus too I can’t just leave it behind. Help

@emkem I wish I had an easy answer. It’s so painful to want to be in a place and not be there (especially when you feel alone). I found the liturgists “Garden” songs and meditations to be meaningful over the last few years.


@Arryq ahh yes thank you, friend, will revisit these right now. And seriously, the laugh I enjoyed over your blasphemous Good Friday practice was *just* what my tired heart needed this weekend. Those episcopals have some beautiful but weird traditions don’t they? I always think of the priest with the boner from Disney’s Little Mermaid when I visit. Fellow pervy preteen at heart here.

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