Church, Easter 

So I stayed on campus for Easter because I thought it would be a good time to check out some affirming churches in town because people would expect me to be at home.

And I was planning to go to the Episcopal Church tomorrow, but I looked at their website and it kinda scares me. There's just so many traditions and rituals and stuff and I don't know about any of it. I feel like I'll do the wrong thing and I'm scared to go by myself.

So idk I may end up just going to my church

Church, Easter 

@Laura_I They give you instructions to follow and you can watch and follow everyone else. It looks more intimidating than it is.


Church, Easter 

@tmorizot @Laura_I I’ve only ever visited one Episcopal church but that one was THE warmest, most welcoming church I’ve EVER stepped foot in. Including the one Unitarian church I’ve visited. Could be weird, could be intimidating, yeah. But also could be really just what your spirit needs. I wish you courage and a warm welcome if you do decide to take the risk of trying it out. Love to you tonight.

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