This holiday is definitely the hardest for me and after 6 years free of literalism I still don’t know why I can’t just embrace the mystery... I feel farthest from “the Christ” on Easter. How do you all view the “resurrection,” without cynicism or dismissal, but also without elevating it to a place higher than I personally can believe? I hate that I’m still attached to this story honestly but I’ve tried and with a Christian spouse and kids that love Jesus too I can’t just leave it behind. Help

@emkem I’ve tried to shift my focus from “what should this say to me?” to “what does this say to me?” Right now the usual themes of eternal life, bodily resurrection, and defeat of death/sin are not to compelling. I am gravitating toward resurrection as metaphors for new life from what was dead and living in a way that brings life to others. A counselor once warned me about “shoulding” on myself. I am where I am in my spirituality and saying I “should” be somewhere else is not all that helpful.


@Beaty oh wow. This is a helpful perspective, thank you

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