Just want to say thank you @mike for being an example and prioritizing health over work 🖤 hoping for rest and healing for you 🙏

@Beaty oh wow. This is a helpful perspective, thank you

@Ricci hey stranger-friend; you don’t need to stress out and it doesn’t matter.

(It’s probably just the story you’re telling/being told that “matters” so remember: you can rise above and out of the story and look down on yourself from above and know that oh, right, it *doesn’t matter and I **don’t need to stress out.) 🖤🖤

Seriously SO thankful for all the content warnings simply titled “church” at the end of this long weary day. I cherish you all so deep in my bones tonight, my stranger-friends. 🖤

Divine, be with my sister Rachel. Be her breath, be her neurologist, be her nurses, be her wholeness. Help our unbelief as we wait. Be the belief we cannot find. Be the answer we dare not seek.

First prayer I’ve prayed in years, this dark “holy Saturday.”

Church, Easter 

@tmorizot @Laura_I I’ve only ever visited one Episcopal church but that one was THE warmest, most welcoming church I’ve EVER stepped foot in. Including the one Unitarian church I’ve visited. Could be weird, could be intimidating, yeah. But also could be really just what your spirit needs. I wish you courage and a warm welcome if you do decide to take the risk of trying it out. Love to you tonight.

resurrection, reconstruction 

@martaparta mmm, wow. Yeah. Thank you for sharing your path and perspective. I feel less alone tonight. More openness, less striving; more just... showing up tomorrow. For my spouse, for my kids. “Showing up,” like Rachel Held Evans said. Honestly I feel like I’ll be showing up tomorrow (Easter Sunday) more for her sake than anyone or anything else.

Alternative to substitution atonement 

@TrelaH added this to my queue, thanks for sharing, friend.

@Arryq ahh yes thank you, friend, will revisit these right now. And seriously, the laugh I enjoyed over your blasphemous Good Friday practice was *just* what my tired heart needed this weekend. Those episcopals have some beautiful but weird traditions don’t they? I always think of the priest with the boner from Disney’s Little Mermaid when I visit. Fellow pervy preteen at heart here.

Good Friday - sacrilegious thoughts 

@Arryq hahahaaaa thanks, I really needed this levity today.

This holiday is definitely the hardest for me and after 6 years free of literalism I still don’t know why I can’t just embrace the mystery... I feel farthest from “the Christ” on Easter. How do you all view the “resurrection,” without cynicism or dismissal, but also without elevating it to a place higher than I personally can believe? I hate that I’m still attached to this story honestly but I’ve tried and with a Christian spouse and kids that love Jesus too I can’t just leave it behind. Help

@Colton thanks but I don’t have a cd drive in my laptop bc it’s the year 2099?? I sent it to other parents one of them will have luck I am NAMING IT AND CLAIMING IT

I just aaaagonized over this track in GarageBand for like 2hrs to get it down to 2min for my 4th grader’s school talent show and all I have to show for it is this mysterious file. I need to burn it onto a cd bc our school is seriously tech impaired. PLZ HALP

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Hey everybody so instagram deleted Jamie Lee Finch’s account bc she was reported so much for sharing the cover of her new book, which features the body of a woman (GASP). Nipples not even exposed (regardless of that bullshit policy). If you’re on other social media would you join me in raising a damn stink to IG about this instafuckery?


Wait... just finished the latest and I forget what the Chris Rice/Chumbawumba Cartoon Song/Tubthumping original starting point analogy was... anybody? Was it the enneagram episode? Help

@sound yikes, well that can be a real nasty task, yes, but your body’s response must have been confusing, maybe even scary. I’m sorry. Breathe deep and listen for what your body might need from you now, friend. 💜

@Ricci @AlexTheGirl @riayngrey @hope had to come back to this thread despite 3am bc just remembered Laura Marling’s Semper Femina.

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