I dragged myself to work today with a sinus infection (no fever! I swear!) just to make sure I didn't leave teammates in the lurch on a couple of projects. They were magically wrapped up by 10am and I was summarily sent home by my boss, who told me: "You're always here. You never miss anything. The world will keep turning without you, we promise." Thanks, work peeps. I needed to hear that. And thanks, universe, for giving me 6 hours back today. I promise not to spend them writing my term paper.

@equustel I’ve also been dealing this week with a sinus infection (I assume) and I’ve been feeling like absolute death so I just wanted to applaud you for showing up!!

@Reina Ugh, many sympathies! It's the worst. And thank you. I'm glad I didn't stick around all day, but making the effort did feel like a victory. 😅

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