I promised myself I wouldn't take more than one class next semester because I'll be slammed working on Research Week events for the university, but there's a philosophy grad seminar being offered focusing on metaphysical paradoxes and if that isn't an elective made for me then what in tarnation is?! 😫

@equustel go for it!!!👍 Metaphysical paradoxes aren’t going to unravel themselves :-)

@equustel can you audit it or take it pass/fail? I took some for fun classes pass/fail so that I could enjoy them without the stress. :)

@liz I hadn't thought of that (of course 🤦‍♀️ )! Auditing would be a great alternative. Thanks for reminding me I have options, haha. I'll see how my workload feels come August and let that be the deciding factor.

@equustel maybe you can audit? It might also be misery, due to being populated by philosophy bros--and auditing would let you duck out easily, either for that or for time issues.

@Natalie Oh dear, I didn't even think about the bro quotient—good point. Auditing would also take the pressure off of ~speaking the language~ just right in papers and such (I'm not a fan of jargon in any discipline and philosophy sure does take it up a notch). I like the idea of just soaking up the concepts and absconding with them. 😬

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