Advice on the enneagram please? While I very much value and have enjoyed the benefits of personality tests throughout my life, I am at a loss regarding the enneagram. Other tests I have taken have been very accurate but the free online enneagram test that I have taken seems off to me. I don't personally feel that I need any more personality tests to help me understand myself, but for the sake of this online community I thought it would be helpful to share it as others do. Any thoughts?

@Mwb76 In my experience, even the $12 "official" test the Enneagram Institute distributes is not a foolproof way of finding your #. The best way to do so is to actually read up on the 9 types and see which description makes you feel most gutted. (Ha.) I've also found the "Misidentifications" page here super helpful in clarifying the nuances between numbers if you feel caught between two of them:


@Mwb76 Chris Huertz's "The Sacred Enneagram" is my favorite book I've read so far on the subject—might be a good place to start diving deeper into the types, if you're keen on figuring yours out.

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