Am I a bad person? Whenever I watch nature shows like Planet Earth and it shows predators and prey, like lions and a buffalo, I always find myself rooting for the predators. I’m just like “there’s so many buffalo, but if those lions don’t eat they’ll all die.” Anybody else? Or am I crazy?

@kbitgood Apex predators are good for the environment and there's not enough of them! That's my excuse for rooting for them, at least. 😬

@equustel @Ricci I wonder if there’s an enneagram correlation that could predict whether someone was 🤔


@kbitgood @Ricci I'm willing to bet there's at least some kind of correlation between and the Instinctual/Anger Triad (8, 9, 1). As a 9, nobody believes I like power metal, either. 😅

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