@JenDear @Reina Ooh, hadn't heard about David Bentley Hart's project. Looking forward to that.

@WolfDreamer ☹️ That sounds miserable. I hope the recovery is easy on her. Sending love.

@giddie I believe it. I KNOW she's manipulating me when she pulls this face. And yet.

@noahebenson Lately, I've been loving Organic India's Tulsi Sweet Rose. But oolong is definitely my default fave!



@ksmith Yes! πŸ’― Physics and theology go together like strawberry and rhubarb, if you ask me. πŸ˜„ If you're up for more when you get done with Greene, check out Carlo Rovelli (esp. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and The Order of Time).

@levi I don't think it's too idealisticβ€”although it might be worth looking outside the corporate world. I've found my "all in" working at a state university's research office. It's not perfect (the need to protect the reputation of the institution often dictates decisions TOO much), but the fact that there's no profit motive helps. We're always looking for funding for our researchers, but in pursuit of a cause I can get behind.

@LiveYourValues @Magicalmilly This! Conversely, if you're a 2, you take on traits of an 8 when you're moving in your direction of stress. More food for thought: enneagraminstitute.com/misiden

@Julie Wow. That's it precisely. Thank youβ€”I've been wanting to read that book for awhile; sounds like now might be the time.

And I can't imagine how much more intense this particular battle must be in your situation. All my love and respect. Sincerely. πŸ’—

It's incredible how deeply I believe that only a certain number of things are allowed to go right in my life before something MUST go wrongβ€”before I "pay" for the goodness, somehow. I don't know how to operate outside of a scarcity worldview. I've been having intense anxiety lately, convinced a monster is lurking behind every good thing in my radius, waiting to introduce me to "reality" again. Anybody making any headway on ~actually believing~, on a somatic level, in a universe of abundance?

Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

@emjric So much love for Hugo. Another on the long list of reasons why I need to reread Les Mis.

@kbitgood @Ricci I'm willing to bet there's at least some kind of correlation between and the Instinctual/Anger Triad (8, 9, 1). As a 9, nobody believes I like power metal, either. πŸ˜…

@kbitgood Apex predators are good for the environment and there's not enough of them! That's my excuse for rooting for them, at least. 😬

@Mwb76 Chris Huertz's "The Sacred Enneagram" is my favorite book I've read so far on the subjectβ€”might be a good place to start diving deeper into the types, if you're keen on figuring yours out.

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