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@Mwb76 In my experience, even the $12 "official" test the Enneagram Institute distributes is not a foolproof way of finding your #. The best way to do so is to actually read up on the 9 types and see which description makes you feel most gutted. (Ha.) I've also found the "Misidentifications" page here super helpful in clarifying the nuances between numbers if you feel caught between two of them:

Coming from a cultural and religious climate that conditions us to believe that we live in scarcity rather than abundance may make us feel like there is not enough room for us to speak, to emote, or to just be our beautiful selves. But there is room, dear one.
Say what you need to say.
Feel what you need to feel.
Be who you are.
There is room at the table for you and more.

Will we ever know the difference between a wolf and a dog? (Aeon Magazine) 

"The sociality of wolves is a feature often ignored by human cultural representations; just think of how often the notion of a โ€˜lone wolfโ€™ gets evoked. Yet wolves are indeed intensely social, so much so that some ethologists suggest that human sociality was heightened through our interactions with and observations of wolves."

Love thisโ€”not just because I'm a lifelong wolf advocate. Biosemiotics!

@kbitgood Your patience will be rewarded. Enjoy! I loved it and walked out eager to see it again (hope I'll get the chance to while it's still in theaters).

generally negative vibes being thrust into the void 

@MyNameIsIan I'm sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ I relate. It's hard to turn off the part of my brain that insists more time sunk into work will always yield resultsโ€”it sounds logical but it just doesn't bear out in experience. Sleep is always the best option, but it's hard to let go and trust everything will work out OK if we let ourselves rest.

@Natalie Oh dear, I didn't even think about the bro quotientโ€”good point. Auditing would also take the pressure off of ~speaking the language~ just right in papers and such (I'm not a fan of jargon in any discipline and philosophy sure does take it up a notch). I like the idea of just soaking up the concepts and absconding with them. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

@liz I hadn't thought of that (of course ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ )! Auditing would be a great alternative. Thanks for reminding me I have options, haha. I'll see how my workload feels come August and let that be the deciding factor.

I promised myself I wouldn't take more than one class next semester because I'll be slammed working on Research Week events for the university, but there's a philosophy grad seminar being offered focusing on metaphysical paradoxes and if that isn't an elective made for me then what in tarnation is?! ๐Ÿ˜ซ

@Tori I wouldn't say exclusive commitments are the only way to do romance, but speaking personally, I wouldn't have the emotional/psychological energy to invest in more than one partner at a time. I'm one of those who absolutely NEEDS personal intimacy to precede physical intimacy in order for the latter to work at all (what's the fancy term for that? demisexual?), and personal intimacy takes hard fuckin' work for someone like me. I salute any of y'all who can handle the polyamorous life.

Just deactivated my Twitter account.

I've been putting it off for aaages.

All that's left now is Instagram, which has never felt nearly as toxic to me as the realms of Twitter and Facebook, but I might phase it out by year's end, anyway. My family likes it when I post there as everyone's out-of-state, but at the rate I currently share photos (once every ~2 months), I might as well just drop them into a group text.

Whenever my attention turns to prepping for our Alaska cruise in 3 weeks (!!!) this starts soaring through my head again:

@WolfDreamer Yeah, this is why I stick to single-player games. I only barely dipped my toes into multiplayer ~before~ the age of microtransactions; now, I'm definitely not interested. I don't think the dev argument of "we need to make up the cost of the game" holds water, eitherโ€”not when SP titles like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 have proven so wildly successful/profitable in the current climate.

@Reina Ugh, many sympathies! It's the worst. And thank you. I'm glad I didn't stick around all day, but making the effort did feel like a victory. ๐Ÿ˜…

I dragged myself to work today with a sinus infection (no fever! I swear!) just to make sure I didn't leave teammates in the lurch on a couple of projects. They were magically wrapped up by 10am and I was summarily sent home by my boss, who told me: "You're always here. You never miss anything. The world will keep turning without you, we promise." Thanks, work peeps. I needed to hear that. And thanks, universe, for giving me 6 hours back today. I promise not to spend them writing my term paper.

@rdouglewis It's been over a year since I deactivated my FB and I have not missed it one bit. Currently trying to stay away from Twitter, which is proving more difficult, but the longer I'm able to go without checking it the better I feel.

@Krismsheedy @adamewoods @Joy_concepcion A piece of one of the prayers Rohr wrote sums it up well for me: "God for us, we call you Father. God alongside us, we call you Jesus. God within us, we call you Holy Spirit." This meditation might also help clarify his understanding of how Christ operates within the Trinity:

More Merton 

@slross Man. There's just nobody like Merton. Passages like this burrow so much deeper in me now than they did when I first read New Seeds (~8 years ago?). I think the book was too much for me to fully absorb back then; I need to revisit it. Thanks for posting.

@Krismsheedy @adamewoods @Joy_concepcion He understands Christ as the divine union between matter and spiritโ€”the incarnational expression of Godโ€”so, the cosmos is the Body of Christ, as distinct from God as origin/creator. Or, Christ = the Word, God = Speaker of the Word. That would be my gloss on it, at least. Rohr emphasizes a trinitarian understanding of God, so Christ is still one of three distinct personalities unified in that relationship.

Learn from a tree today. A tree does not have a false self which seeks to become something that it is not. It simply exists in its treeness, letting itself be swayed by the wind, basking in the sunlight. We have been given this gift of consciousness, but instead of using it to be our true selves, in unity with God, people, and all of creation, we seek to be anything other than what we were created to be. And it makes us miserable.

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