after compline,
a labyrinth visit by night;
not yet too cold
for bare feet

may you remember
now and agains
how precious this life
(can be, ought to be, ultimately) is
give yourself over
to live it well
in+for Love

here in the flesh
bring Spirit to bear
of grace mercy peace

now for the world
be raised up to share
let hearts live unleashed

the circuits
following wending, winding
slow into the journey
there’s calm here
for the finding

treat your soul
to reverence
steep your heart
in prayer
clear your mind
of distraction
fill your life
with care

walking the winding way,
unhurry... flow
with the pace of patience

pause here:
observe breath
mind mind
know heart

release attachment
suspend judgment
surrender expectations;
allow some minutes
simply to happen

let peace
alive within you grow
well and fill and overflow
then bless
this world with loving care
until life becomes your prayer

downhill from a monastery
by the riverside
upon a stone

claim now
as opportunity
(should you care so to dare)
to borrow
a deeper breath
from this living world
and allow it
to fill your core

into the flow of breath
and release all else,
if for a moment

be gathered, present
lift heart in prayer
and arrive, already beloved


with the choice
seek+serve Love
so fully
so deeply
so wholly
surrender sanctifies soul
and your life bears blessing
into this very world

there is a peace
in the presence
in the stillness
in the silence
in the quiet
in the calm
in the prayer of a loving heart


watch + pray
seek + find
come + follow
taste + see

be still + know
give + forgive
unbind + set free
love + serve

take heart
pray love
free soul

keep faith
have mercy
make peace


by grace
make way
for mercy

with care
live love
each day

through faith
taste hope
take courage

in peace
lift soul
to pray

open, today (and so forth),
to the flow of

beloved souls,
receive-surrender-receive presence
welcome grace
stir compassion
listen for now

for a moment
as long,slow,deep
as you might care to muster,
of distraction
with presence
to abide

(even right now)

draw breath, fill core:
hold heart
open enough
to pray a grateful moment

release breath, flow out:
rest soul
here enough
to ripen and rise

what if
you are more beloved
than the world’s been letting on?

seek the voice
that calls
the name of your soul

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