best you can—
take the minutes
to sift for this moment:
practice presence
with purpose
for peace

peace be with you, neighbor—
& in
& upon
& through you

may your heart
well with blessing

whensoever you can—
take such deeper breaths
bless, sustain, renew
the heart of your heart

a simple pause
to calm, center,
hold still/er

practice quiet
into kindness

rings around a center
find your way within
quiet mind and enter
here again begin

circuit by circuit
step by step by step...

find the way inward
take the path outward, onward

center as you enter
open in
with every turn

let each step find the way
carry home
what peace you learn

through the plague season
and beyond
may we be
blessed with endurance
guided by wisdom
renewed in compassion

open mind
ripen heart
deepen breath
steep in Spirit

it’s (still)
not too late
nor too early
to surrender
into presence

behold: here is already now—
center center

for a moment
in deeper breaths
may heart open, alive
stir+flow with peace

empty... and replenish

in this day
and all the rest
may you,we
discover & claim occasions
to live+share such (wondrous) love
nourishes us and others
wages peace
sets free

know how you’re feeling
and feel it
know what you’re fearing
and face it
know where you’re hurting
and tend it
know what you’re needing
and seek it
as well as you can
at your own pace
with, if you’ll have it, God’s help

...if ever there was a time
to give yourself permission
to be human...

there’s nowhere else
to be
just now—
how soon
can you


[in] now
[out] here
[in] flow
[out] peace

to a deeper breath—
slowly, lift+repeat:
even here
even now>
heart stirs with prayer
life bears fruit of love

where you need it
(whether or not you know it)
may grace bear blessing

may Peace find its way
to breathing your heart alive

in the season
of sickness’ surge
in the midst
of crisis
in the face
of fear—
have mercy upon us

may peace
(such as this world cannot give)
be with
and in
and through you

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