when you can
take time, make effort
to slow into calm
to collect yourself
listen in

claim life:
pray attention
seek truth
pursue justice
practice peace

resolve for love
surrender into grace
blossom with Spirit

with your inbreath
receive, refill, refresh
through your outbreath
release, relinquish, return

now and agains
to attend, arrive, abide
in the present moment
ready to arise
into your life in this world

breathing in, fill
breathing out, empty

over and again
through and through
cycle life
flow grace
serve love

let us pray this moment...
lift hearts
to hold and bear
a peace
within+for this world
then rise anew
to seek+serve truth
to work justice
to wage love
til every soul lives free

may blessing flow
to enfold
and work healing
you,we need it most

be stillness...
listen in
to the heart of your soul
as it bears witness:
<here I am>

let Spirit stir, revive, and
send you
for love

into body
into heart
into life
breathe peace, flow grace

take heart
keep faith
tend soul
share life
give love
every day that you can

come here
as you are
be still for now
know your heart within

love heart open
calm mind clear
rest body, center
pray soul here

let any heart
that has heard Spirit whisper,
every soul
claimed + sealed to live grace
seek truth
wage peace
work justice
give care
serve love


come closer and closer
to here
draw nearer and nearer
to now
open the mind
til it's clear
let loving heart
teach you how

into quiets
upon silence
calm deepen
in still
to presence
with Spirit

sometimes, collapse
into a vastness
where even the likes of we
are held,
buoyed by mercy

rise, readied

steer attention

to the heart of your heart

set soul seeking Spirit

breathe core full
with grace peace love...
into, Godwilling, respite + relief

partake in this world
for a lifespan—
learn love
as best you can
practice presence
cultivate peace
give care

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