Other “Mast” users on iOS: are any of you having problems where it’s not properly sending notifications for follows, replies, etc?

@erik haven’t had those problems yet. However, the app does just randomly close on me. 🤷‍♂️

@mike That’s arguably a much more healthy way to interact.

@ThePlayfulPhD Looking through the reviews of the app, the developer seems to be having problems with the server that handles all the push notifications for Mast. I’ve sent him an email asking for an update, so we’ll see.

@erik there are currently no notifications on Mast. The developers Mast server is broken and he doesn’t know what is wrong with it. There is no timetable for its restoration. It is why I returned the app and went with Toot! instead.

@danielmrose Ugh, bummer. Guess I’ll be requesting a refund for Mast then. I’ll give Toot! A try next!

@erik I dig Toot! Particularly because I have found another instance that I find interesting, so I can easily follow it. Also, you can paste gifs from the keyboard.

@erik How do you paste the gifs? I'm using a web browser (Chrome).

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