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Read this today:

“Taking a risk like [admitting your doubt] could mean being branded for life, that person who “used to have such a strong faith” but is now just another doubter who “doesn’t know what she believes anymore.” Church is too often the most risky place to be spiritually honest.”

-Pete Enns, The Sin of Certainty

IT Infrastructure/Security consultant, working with a number of early-stage healthcare tech startups in Minneapolis.

Straight, cis, bearded white male, married to an amazing woman for 17 years. Two boys in progress (10 and 13).

Sticking it out in an evangelical-style church, and making honest, well-intentioned effort at reform from the inside.

Attended the (amazing!!) Liturgists Gathering here in November which was one of the most transformative experiences in a long time.

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Well shit. Our school district cancelled school again for tomorrow. That's day 4 this week.

Time for a Costco run. If you don’t hear from me in 90 mins, send help.

TIL that @mike and I share very similar music tastes. I have all but one of these albums in my personal library. (Screenshot of my Apple Music “Friends Mix”) :)

Well folks, wish me luck - here in the bold north (Minneapolis), we’ve just started the winter weather week from hell: 8-12 inches of snow expected overnight, followed immediately by well-below-zero *high* temperatures until Friday. Thank god I have the option to work from home whenever I choose.

Great scott!! There’s nearly 800 lovely folks on this instance already. Last I looked a few days ago, there weren’t even a couple hundred. Hey all!

So in the last few days, I’ve been gone down the rabbit hole of historical theological papers for my denomination. In 1963, they published a *fantastic* paper about how the Bible and freedom of interpretation go hand in hand. It was absolute theological *gold*. In ‘63! I so wish that leadership would actually adhere to what was set forth back then, cause as it is, there’s a storm brewing that could very likely split the church. 😞

One big benefit to a much smaller community (like Mastodon) that I can already perceive: it's impossible for someone to just retweet (retoot?) like-minded toots as 99% of their contribution. At least at this scale, if you want to participate in a discussion, one must think for themselves, which is a huge win for everyone involved.

I find it interesting that notifications seem to be much more reliably-delivered via Tootdon than with the web UI.

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