About to sit down to some board games with the fam. What's your Friday night look like?

@mattlaff What are your go to games? Seven Wonders is one of my favorites.

@Batmelek Castles of Burgundy is my very favorite, but generally we play slightly lighter fare. 7 Wonders is such a great game. We play a lot of Las Vegas, Gloomhaven, Sagrada, Kingdomino, Codenames, etc.

@mattlaff I’ve never heard of Castles of Burgundy—I’ll have to check it out! And yes, 7 Wonders is a bit complicated for younger ones. Cool beans—nice to meet a fellow tabletop enthusiast!

@Batmelek It's a bit heavier than 7W, but it's totally worth it (at least in my opinion, obviously). Not sure you can find a better euro game!

@Batmelek I'm enjoying finding fellow board gamers here, too; it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm always glad not to be the only one! :)

@mattlaff @Batmelek board games FTW!!!

We have a fair amount of closet space dedicated to games 😁

@ethank @roberttheiv @mattlaff I’ve heard of Small World but haven’t played it. What’s Betrayal like?

@Batmelek @ethank @mattlaff betrayal is exploring a haunted house, finding creepy things... and halfway through “the haunt” happens and someone “betrays” the group. There a lot of different types of betrayals that are chosen semi randomly. At that point the rules change and people start dying most of the time.

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