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Hi everyone, I'm Evelyn or Evie (pronounced EH-vee, *not* like the Pokémon). LA transplant. I work full-time in college admission, I'm involved in music ministry, and I'm also a graduate student pursuing a MA in Counseling (if y'all haven't checked out Hillary's Other People's Problems podcast, you're missing out). A lot of my hair is currently pink, which has been liberating for this Enneagram 9. You can't really see it in this photo (it's a lot lighter now), but enjoy anyway.

@vishnu @Lisagungor Thank you two for the amazing show. It was a wonderful first/last show, and to be around so many people who love the different iterations of you. The energy of the room felt like a unified pulse, present and electric. Thank you for creating a space for the outcasts and misfits to come together. We need this more than ever. <3

Oh wait just realized @Lisagungor has a profile on here too. I loved your dress and divine feminine energy <3

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Whoa, haven't been on here in months. Hi everyone. Wanted to jump on here to congratulate @vishnu and Lisa on a FANTASTIC final Gungor show last night. It was phenomenal.

Oh hi I typed up a long ass message in my notes, only to realize it had too many characters... so here’s a screenshot 😊

Sexual abuse 

@evie Also, desperately need to point this out: most of these dudes are married. Can we stop with the “celibacy turns people into sexual abusers!” arguments? It’s quite frankly anti-Catholic. Celibacy isn’t the problem - it’s a culture seeping in male entitlement. It’s a boy’s club. This is a problem with toxic masculinity.

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My boyfriend says that I can be a raging monster if I’m disturbed from deep sleep (i.e. I fall asleep smack in the middle of the bed and he has to move me over for room), and I never remember it in the morning. I wonder if I’m subconsciously releasing pent up rage as an when I do this 😂😂

Lies You don't Believe anymore? 

My question to y'all is: what is the lie that once you stopped believing it, you felt instant freedom?


Repost for CW.

Can we start a thread for Catholic deconstruction/reconstruction? As much common ground as I'm able to find with the Exvangelicals on here, Evangelical culture is still pretty foreign to me.

Do you still belong to a parish community? How have you coped with the abuse scandals? What have you kept and what have you discarded?

Came across this yesterday and loved it. A better way of supporting your hurting friends!

I don’t know if I believe in god, but I do long for god.

The god I long for is with us always, suffers and grows with us, loves us unconditionally.

This god exists in the great mystery between the push towards the ideals we strive for and the desire to already be enough in this moment.

Does this god exist ‘out there’? I don’t know. But the concept moves me and feeds me. Maybe that’s enough to be called “belief.”

Where my fellow POC at? Feels like a very white space😅

Remember what Fr Rohr said....

“There is nothing to prove and nothing to protect. I am who I am and it's enough.”

Have a blessed day y'all.

Trayvon Martin 

During Black History Month, we mourn the death of Trayvon Martin, who would have been 24 years old today. 11 months younger than me.

He was 17 when he was murdered.


@WolfDreamer @hodsonjosh @lydia @davidechavez Sure, but just because a person’s anger isn’t curated perfectly doesn’t mean it is invalid. Men use anger to intimidate and dominate all the time, yet if a woman is seen as “trying to dominate or intimidate” they condemn the entire feminist movement. As a woman, you have to fit the male ideal to be taken seriously (changes from man to man), as a POC you have to act “white,” as a former xtian you have to be still morally “pure,” and “good.”

Remember when Saruman supported Sauron in his program of domination and destruction in Middle Earth and Treebeard said, “a wizard should know better”?

Today as I see certain things transpiring I want to say, a “Christian” should know better.

Question about appropriate term for trans community 

I’m reading a book that refers to trans people as “transgenders” and it sounds wrong to me. Is that an acceptable term for referring to trans individuals as a group? It’s jarring every time I come across it so I’d like to hear directly from any trans folks out there about your preferences.

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