I had this really wonderful meditation with a tree a week or so ago. It has morphed into this spiritual exercise, partially based on some of my understanding of @vishnu 's work and meditations over at TAATR Maybe you would like to try it out. faithingproject.com/2019/05/26

Can somebody talk to me in the language they would normally reserve for their technologically-impaired grandfather and help me with the following: If I wanted to use mastadon for a self-contained community, in the same way that some people use facebook groups and others use mighty networks, would that be easy to set up and free?

Check out agloriousundoing.com/!
(A creative space for those in deconstruction.)

A Glorious Undoing is a space for healing, belonging, and creativity. The purpose of this work is to inspire and enliven those experiencing some form of deconstruction — that they might know they are not alone, and in that knowing, experience the profound glory of their undoing.

It's not that I have a problem with anthropomorphosized aardvarks who teach the same exact class of second graders for 20 years. If you want to do that in the privacy of your own home, more power to you. But as soon as we start glorifying that lifestyle by throwing it everyone's face, it becomes clear that PBS is nothing but a tool of the aardvark agenda.

There were lots of years that I 'phoned in' Mother's Day, and made some token effort at the last minute. Mom's dead, now. And that regret feels kind of gross. Take good care of your mom or mother figures today.

@vishnu or anybody else.... reading 'This' and loving it. But here is what I am wrestling with: Relatively early in, it is observed that for all it's foibles, Christianity has sometimes had a solid record with social justice issues. Later in the book there is the observation that within Christianity, what feels & looks like a problem of evil is really just a problem of language. Is it possible the good works in the poilitical sphere arise from taking the P.O.E. seriously?

I am thinking today about the complicated tangle of reactions unexpected death can stir up in so many of us. Sometimes, these reactions hit us in a way that is surprising. I would like to wish you insight, peace, and a gentle hand as you work through whatever it is you are working through.

On this day
the blessings of heaven.
On this day
the blessings of earth.
On this day
the blessings of sea and of sky.
To open us to life
to ground us in life
to fill us with life
and with wonder.
On those we love this day
and on every human family
the blessings of heaven
the blessings of earth
the blessings of sea and of sky.
- John Philip Newell

Trippy shower thought:
Many (most?) spiritual beliefs can be placed in one of the following two categories
A) My mind/spirit/will/psyche can alter the world around me. I can visualize/manifest/attract/pray to get what I want.
B) There is wisdom in not attatching to the things you might be tempted to desire.

So here's the aforementioned trippy thought: What if those work together? what if me getting all I desire is the best way to teach me the futility of desire?

working out like we hoped. We're destroying the planets ability to sustain life. We hate each other. We are afraid. We are ashamed of our bodies and not at home in our own skin. Even if we have the ability to avoid the loud versions of suffering like agony and terror, most of us dwell in duller forms of suffering like anxiety, apathy, depression or boredom... It's like eating sand rather than rusty nails."
-Michael Gungor, 'This: Becoming Free."

My favorite quote from 'This' so far:Of course, most readers of this book are probably not living in 'Oh God, a bear is eating my arm!' realms of suffering, or else they would likely and wisely be spending their attention elsewhere. Those with the time, resources, and education and ability to sit down and read a book have likely been afforded a level of privilege that most other people through history have not. Still, lets be honest with ourselves- The Netflix binging isn't

I am on my way up some stairs- they are high
yet I have to give up my fears
if I want to take part in this love.

I have to let go the protective clothes
and meet him with the whole length of my body
my eyes will have to be the love-candles this time.
Kabir says: men and women in love will understand this poem.

From #31, by Kabir, translated by Robert Bly

Sometimes, I look at the places where I have been. I was, at that time, pretty sure I had it all figured out. I shared with others my "deep insights." And now, when I look back, I am at best.... embarassed by what I was pitching. What are some of your thoughts about the past world views you have spread? Do you have any concern that you might some day cringe a little bit at sharing where you are at now?

"...Please call me by my true names,
so I can wake up,
and so the door of my heart can be left open,
the door of compassion."
-Thich Nhat Hanh


Narrative theology # 1

And I said to him:
Are there answers to all of this?
And he said:
The answer is in a story
and the story is being told.

And I said:
But there is so much pain
And she answered, plainly:
Pain will happen.

Then I said:
Will I ever find meaning?
And they said:
You will find meaning

where you give meaning.
The answer is in a story
and the story isn’t finished.

-Padraig O Tuama

Let me be a water puddle
That mirrors your heavens
and murmurs your prayers
so that the cicadas might understand me
show yourself, o lord
even if you have no other choice
than to come in the fierce coursing of blood.

I feel like I should throw a trigger warning on my pitch for OA; in a surprising, largely symbolic way it could be really hard to watch if somebody had struggles with self harm, mental health challenges, or abusive relationships.

I am geeking out that OA season 2 just made it out.... Seems like there could be some Liturgist/ OA intersections... anybody else big fans?

@vishnu ... I am sitting here, crying as I listen to 'Christ Whore.' The song is such a gift. Thank you for the archives, and thank you so much for helping put words to aspects of my journey that don't have much of a soundtrack.

I am viewing Lent, this year, as a journey that travels the spectrum of joy/light/understanding (Cataphatic) to darkness/transcendence (apophatic). You can participate by checking the site below every few days or you can email [email protected] Would really love you to join us for the rest of the season! faithingproject.com/lenten-ema

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