Thinking tonight about how vitally important religion is for so many people in this world. All of the great traditions have sheltered so many hurting and afraid people for thousands of years. This is worth remembering when we feel the (rightful) need to tear it down or take it apart in pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.

In that, I think I’m wondering if and how religion can be seen as a bed of flowers to be weeded as opposed to a few flowers to be picked out of a bed of weeds. Thoughts?

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@vishnu One of the things that your question brings up to me is a balance: I think real growth comes from authentically humbling ourselves to even the aspects of religion that we might not like; taking a buffet approach to spirituality, picking and choosing I think can grow the ego in unhealthy ways. Yet, so much abuse and destruction has resulted from people who were told that they should just submit to the whole shebang, spiritually speaking...


@vishnu So I think I am asking a related question when I ask, "How do we protect people from spiritual abuse but still garner the growth that results from submitting outselves to the whole spiritual deal?"

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