My favorite quote from 'This' so far:Of course, most readers of this book are probably not living in 'Oh God, a bear is eating my arm!' realms of suffering, or else they would likely and wisely be spending their attention elsewhere. Those with the time, resources, and education and ability to sit down and read a book have likely been afforded a level of privilege that most other people through history have not. Still, lets be honest with ourselves- The Netflix binging isn't


working out like we hoped. We're destroying the planets ability to sustain life. We hate each other. We are afraid. We are ashamed of our bodies and not at home in our own skin. Even if we have the ability to avoid the loud versions of suffering like agony and terror, most of us dwell in duller forms of suffering like anxiety, apathy, depression or boredom... It's like eating sand rather than rusty nails."
-Michael Gungor, 'This: Becoming Free."

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