Any other The 1975 fans here? I absolutely love their latest record - the political/social/meta/existential commentary is brilliant, and it feels reconstructive instead of deconstructive/nihilist.

@fatalfocus I've had a lot of fun dancing to "Chocolate" over the years, but I never dug deep into the rest of their music.

I'll have to check out their latest album!

@TMo you definitely should! it’s definitely very different than “Chocolate”, which I love, but the new album’s lyrics and the meaning behind them is incredible

@fatalfocus Love them. Are you going to see them at Ascend Amphitheater in May?

@cameron_c I really want to, I’ve been checking StubHub every other day haha are you going?

@fatalfocus I definitely want to but haven't even looked at tickets yet lol. How do you like Nashville?

@cameron_c I like it a lot so far! I like the balance between calm and exciting, big and small town feel. As a Brazilian who lived in LA for 4 years, it gets a little too cold for me here hahaha but I’m learning to enjoy it. I just need more coats! How about you? How long have you lived here?

@fatalfocus ME ME ME. I am absolutely OBSESSED with them, in a watch-Matty's-interviews-while-falling-asleep kind of way. Seeing them in April ON EASTER! Sorry for the caps but I'm very very very excited.

@bopie5 hahaha ME TOO! I’ve watched all of them twice. I’m fascinated by the way Matty writes. His understanding and writing of how it feels to be young and alive in this world is spot on. I loved when he said the album was about his experiences and thought no one would be able to relate, only to find out that everyone’s experience is incredibly similar. Hahaha sorry for the long text, I’m very excited as well!!! What are some of your favorite songs/lines?

@fatalfocus Never apologize for a long text about the 1975! I could talk about them forever! I totally agree about Matty's writing--he has this knack for saying something really specific and then taking it out into this big feeling. My faves change, but rn I'm feeling Paris, I Like America, Change of Heart, You, and Inside Your Mind. I feel like if I get into favorite lines I'll suddenly be thread tooting you with like the longest list ever, so I'll hold off 😂 What're your faves?

@bopie5 thread-toot away, I could read and talk about them for days! I've been mostly listening to ABIIOR lately - somehow it gets better every time I listen to it. Give Yourself a Try, TOOTIME, Love It If We Made it, Sincery is Scary, I Like America (which gets me hyped/emotional/sad//encouraged to pursue a better world at the same time), It's Not Living and I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes).

@bopie5 Now, favorite lines, I'll just say my favorite one as of now. From Give Yourself A Try: "I was 25 and afraid to go outside, a millennial that baby-boomers like". Gosh, it just kills me every time. What about your favorite lines?

@fatalfocus Okay you asked for it haha! Antichrist: "How can I relate to somebody who doesn't speak? I feel like I'm just treading water, is it the same for you?". Medicine: "You rid me of the blues ever since you came into my life". Change of Heart: "You're mad thinking you could ever save me, not looking like that." GYAT: "What would you say to your younger self? Growing a beard's quite hard and whiskey never starts to taste nice."

@fatalfocus and some more. Nana: "But I'm bereft, you see. I think you can tell, I haven't been doing too well" 😭 LIIWMI: "the poetry is in the streets, Jesus save us, modernity has failed us." Inside Your Mind: "I can show you the photographs of you getting on with life, I've had dreams where there's blood on you, all those dreams where you're my wife." If I Believe You: "I'll be your child if you insist, I mean if it was you that made my body you probably shouldn't have made me atheist."

@bopie5 those are some of their best! Nana and If I Believe You, alongside Loving Someone, She Lays Down and Love Me are my favs from ILIWYS. And then the following line to If I Believe You "And if you don't want to go to hell, you better start selling this" hits close to home too.

@fatalfocus Nana, If I Believe You, UGH!, and Change of Heart are my favorites for ILIWYS.
Honestly, all of If I Believe You is a mood that hits close to home. "I'm petrified of being alone, it's pathetic, I know"

@bopie5 It's funny too, their music seems to evolve. It's not static. Even songs I have listened to hundreds of times, I find myself relating to them in different ways as time passes. My absolute favorite band, no doubt about it. Have you seen them perform live?

@fatalfocus E x a c t l y. The music feels deeply alive on the sonic and lyrical levels, and I can always go back. All 5 of my spotify top songs 2018 were the 1975--my favorite band too. Never seen them live--this April will be my first time!

@bopie5 hahaha all 5! That’s amazing. What were the 5 songs? I’m so excited for you. I’ve seen them twice, and there are no words to describe the experience.

@fatalfocus In order, Me, TOOTIME, GYAT, By Your Side, and Paris!
I'm SO excited for myself. I missed the chance to see them on the ILIWYS tour and have literally been actively regretting it for three years.

@bopie5 I got to see them twice on the ILIWYS tour - including the album release show on a downtown LA rooftop, for free. I won tickets after entering the contest on their website. I still can’t believe it happened 😭🙈

@bopie5 oh! It was also the first time they performed Paris live!

@fatalfocus UGH what!? You're so incredibly lucky. The album release show, what a dream. I would be weeping forever if I got to experience that. I feel like if I ever got to be in that close of proximity to Matty I'd spontaneously combust.

@bopie5 right?! It was pure bliss. What are some of your other favorite bands and artists?

@fatalfocus I love The National, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, Florence + The Machine, Keaton Henson, Death Cab for Cutie, Lorde, Hozier, Fiona Apple...what about you?

@bopie5 That’s one hell of a list! I had never heard of Sufjan until I moved to the US, but I also never took the time to listen to his music. What should I listen to first from him?

My list of favorite bands/artists is all over the place. Noah Gundersen, Sleeping At Last, John Mayer, Tears for Fears, The Police, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Fresno (Brazilian band), Taylor Swift, Handsome Ghost, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Lennon Stella, Kacey Musgraves, Henry Jamison

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