Any other fans of The Good Place here? Such a beautiful, interesting, hilarious show!

@fatalfocus one of my former students said their college intro to philosophy prof was using it in class.

The best part this is happening at a well known ‘christian’ university.

@fatalfocus I also have a deep unending celebrity crush on Kristen Bell.


Ted Danson too!

@fatalfocus I absolutely love that show! It's entertaining and fun without shying away from conversations and (I think, more importantly) questions about ethics. Sooooo good

@rachal I couldn't agree more! As an Enneagram 1, the ethics conversation is just everything I've ever wanted. I relate to Chidi in so many ways haha.

@fatalfocus haha I totally agree! I'm also an Enneagram 1 (with a 9 wing), and definitely identify with Chidi. The show feels like a cross between pure comedy and the ethics class I loved in college, and I enjoy every episode

@rachal haha 1w9 here as well (even tho I thought a 9w1 for the longest time.. but I was very wrong). A part of me wishes I had a character like Chidi growing up. Brazilians, and my family especially, are known for breaking the rules, which was my "Bad Place" hahaha

@fatalfocus I really relate to that! Once when I didn't finish my homework (my parents said they would write me a note), I was so worried that I got up at like 2 in the morning and hid in the bathroom to try to finish it! The most helpful thing I've found to scale back when that becomes harmful is to ask who said that I "have to" do something or why the rule is there

@rachal I relate to that too, and that is super helpful. Therapy helped me understand why, and now I am unlearning a lot of this conditioning. It's hard. I really appreciate the suggestion - I will try it. Thank you!

@fatalfocus of course! Thanks for bringing up one of my favorite shows!

@fatalfocus Yes. We watch that and just started the series "Forever". TGP asks "What is good and bad? What is right and wrong?" Forever seems to be asking "What is the purpose or meaning of existence?" So much better than all that reality tv that dominated a few years ago.

@TrelaH oh! that sounds so interesting! I had never heard of "Forever" until now, and now I can't wait to watch it!

@fatalfocus so much yes! I’m really excited to see where they go with the new season! The show so far has offered really solid critiques of so many philosophical and ethical systems but, without getting spoilery, it seems like they are setup now to start putting their own ideas out there and I can’t wait.

@nikmclaughlin @fatalfocus Thank for reminding me what I was originally going to do tonight before I started tooting with reckless abandon!

@nikmclaughlin I am just as excited! The new season and the plot sound like they’ll be able to start putting their own ideas. I can’t wait.

@Usernamesaredifficult hahahaha yes! Ted Danson's acting in this scene is absolutely brilliant... and a little creepy.

@Usernamesaredifficult hahahaha yes, definitely. I didn’t realize it was Ted on CSI until recently... and I was a little bummed haha. But he is a legend!

@clarissa JEREMY BEARIMY BABY!!! hahaha you just made my day. "This is Tuesdays, and also July. And sometimes it's never."

@fatalfocus yes love it... being from jacksonville, fl, i cant get enough 🤣

@fatalfocus I love it! I try to show it to people and I get a little too invested in what they think of it. When my daughter didn't really like it I was devastated!

@jennifersiler hahaha same! My girlfriend tried to watch it but really didn't like it - I was devastated too! haha.

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