@Earthman opa, desculpa a demora em responder. Não entro aqui tem um tempo. A galera aqui é bem legal. A hospitalidade do Sul é real. E é bem calmo, o que eu gosto. Muita comida boa também!!!

@mike today’s episode on Ask Science Mike was beautiful. You are able to communicate and explain intricate scientific ideas while being incredibly compassionate. I enjoy John Oliver’s snark/irony/sarcasm too, but I think we need more vulnerable, emphatetic and real content in the world, and I believe you do that very well. Thank you, Mike.

@Earthman moro em Nashville, TN ☺️ adoro Washington state. Minha namorada morava em Portland, OR então estava sempre perto daí. Haha agora finalmente ela mora aqui também.

Has anyone else here watched “Tim’s Vermeer”? It is the most fascinating documentary I have ever watched and I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re into art, watch it!

I’ve recently bought a PS4 and it came with the Spider Man game, which was absolutely phenomenal. What are some of your favorite games you’ve played on the PS4? I’m in need of recommendations!


@bopie5 wow, this is ridiculous. I’m so sorry, Olivia. This is unfair. You are doing good in this world!

Has anyone else here read Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)? An awesome book on cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias and self-justification.


Tonight in my weakly peace prayers meeting we prayed that we could all learn to better love our neighbors, and then I thought about how the earth/environment/creation is also our neighbor. And also how the generations after ours are our neighbors. Why is it so hard for so many Americans to see the earth and the future as neighbors we should love?

@Julie I’ve been a fan for less than a year, and I so want to see her live. I was crying after her performance at the Grammys. 😭

LGBT Conversion Therapy Suicide 

@JamesP77 I literally just finished watching it too. I’m heartbroken.

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