- Social worker in Nashville. Grew up in the Church of Christ. Began while an undergraduate student 10 years ago. Currently not involved with a church for the 1st time in my life. Exploring other avenues of spirituality. At the recent Gathering in Nashville, connected with what Michael said about feeling okay after deconstruction without the need for reconstruction. That I'm not incomplete or lacking where I am now. That thought has been freeing.

Welcome. There are quite a few Nashville locals around here. I've got CoC roots as well, so I get it.

@gawinter Fellow Church of Christ survivor here! I grew up in the Freed-Hardeman variety.

Went to Lipscomb myself. Began my desconstruction there spurred on by a couple professors and some good friends.

For a while I wanted to try and "make change" (as if I was so important....right) staying in the Church of Christ but it's hard to stick around when most churches are consumed with whether there is an instrument being used or if a woman can pray publically, and not even close to conversations of being fully affirming and inclusive, anti-racist, and other concepts of justice.

@gawinter Oh yeah. I went to Harding and then Harding School of Theology. I was gonna be so educated that I could win every Bible battle and reform the CoC. Lol

Then I decided I'd rather hold hands with a boy and it was a better decision.

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