Supporting humanitarian scientific research is important to me. That's why I donated 3 months of my computer's processing time to Smash Childhood Cancer through and earned a Gold badge. Join me!

Supporting humanitarian scientific research is important to me. That's why I donated 20 years of my computer's processing time to Mapping Cancer Markers through and earned a Diamond 20 Year badge. Join me!


This video explains the science behind the Gov strategy, using a plastic bucket, a bottle and water. It’s very effective.


1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse in England & Wales. So for I’ve partnered
with to donate my name to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, to give this important number fame. It’s a number every woman should know.

"Has anyone actually died from eating too much meat?" —


has won the for Outstanding Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature! Well done to Michael Cozens, Mark Haenga, Olivier Lesaint, Dejan Momcilovic, and all the other artists who contributed.


I think about how my Gen X friends once had to order takeout by calling the place and I admire their bravery.

I didn't think a map could put a lump in my throat. But there we go.


Churchill's aspirational words still hold true today more than ever. ❤🇪🇺

"Men will be proud to say 'I am a European'. We hope to see a day when men of every country will think as much of being a European as of being from their native land".


More than anything else today I feel a sense of failure. For years when it came to Europe I was bored when I should have been engaged and tolerant of anti-European nonsense when I should have challenged it. When it came time to make the arguments it was too late.


It feels embarrassing and sad to be British today. We are leaving the EU based off of 51.9% voting for a campaign of lies, in a non legally binding referendum. and it never will be.

UK Millennials love being part of the . Please be patient for a few years, and we'll bring the UK back, and this time the UK won't be so bloody full of itself.

Well done Boomers, you've made life miserable for everyone coming after you. Now please retire and let a generation with a little less bitterness tackle the real problems.


No. That's when you were a child. It's when you were unaware of how messy, complicated and hard the world (and living in it) is.

The thing you're trying to get back to isn't a time when Britain was great.

It's childhood.

"The policy of banning psychoactive drugs like LSD and ecstasy has put a block on research into their potential benefits as medicines in mental health conditions. Those allowed are alcohol, tobacco and caffeine – on the grounds of precedent, not harm."


Is there anyone on the planet that doesn't own this exact box of useless computer cables from 15 years ago that they keep moving to new places as if it were full of gold?

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