It is 42 years since the average UK seat last changed hands. The last time mine changed was 27 years ago. Find out when yours last changed!


What concerns me is if the Torys are only counting 19,000 retained nurses in the "new nurses" numbers - does that mean they are expecting the other 300,000 current nurses to quit?

Are we seriously still in this colonial mindset? "Chagos Islands dispute: UK misses deadline to return control"

Supporting humanitarian scientific research is important to me. That's why I donated 2 years of my computer's processing time to Microbiome Immunity Project through and earned a Sapphire badge. Join me!


Johnson and Corbyn won't tell you the truth - the biggest threat to our NHS is Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and protect our NHS.

Hello, I'm a voter in your constituency. If you are elected, will you campaign for Proportional Representation? Please visit this page to !

I want the new government to make a priority. So I've just signed the petition to ask party leaders to debate the before the . Will you join me?


(TW: disordered eating)
This is a hard picture for me to look at, and it's not one we see often on apps like Instagram - haven't I got the before and after the wrong way round? Well, no, I haven't. On the left is me…


Okay what’s happened is, I got a new mattress, one of those wanky Emma ones from Instagram. But they wanted £35 to take the old mattress away and I have spent all my mattress budget on the aforementioned Emma...

I'm calling on Facebook and Google to immediately stop hosting political ads in the UK until after the election. Will you sign too?

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are running scared of debating Voters deserve to hear from a Remainer. Add your name:

Water cannot be sucked up a tube more than 10m. So how do trees do it? And if trees grow from stuff in the ground, how come there's not a big hole underneath them?

Well, now you know, and you'll never look at trees the same way :)

I'm not generally one to post these sorts of "10 things..." lists, but this one's actually really poignant. Worth a look.

“These new figures show air pollution is now causing thousands of strokes, cardiac arrests and asthma attacks, so it’s clear that the climate emergency is in fact also a health emergency.”
- Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England

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