Norwegian phrase of the week:

- "Hvorfor ligger det en ulv i bestemors seng?"
- "Why is there a wolf lying in grandmother's bed?"

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Hi everyone! I’m really excited to show you this. I finally have merch and a brand new logo of my dog Walter! I hope you like them 🐶😊

Global heating: London to have climate similar to Barcelona by 2050.
“We are absolutely not prepared for this. Planning for climate change needs to start yesterday. The sooner it starts, the less the impact will be.”

People no longer trust each other. Why? And how can we fix it? An interactive guide to the game theory of trust:

“You need to make real changes to protect people here and now from the climate change that we know is happening. We are not even preparing for 2°C rise let alone the position we might be in if the world does not [drive emissions down to zero]”.

"Leave campaign got away with quoting an imaginary £350m weekly contribution to the EU without acknowledging the £5.6bn rebate or the annual £4bn invested back into the UK illustrated the general lack of knowledge about the basics of membership."

So English is related to German, but did you know that Modern English inherits almost as much (maybe more) from Scandinavian (Norwegian / Danish / Swedish) thanks to the Vikings who settled the area that defined our modern dialect?

Norwegian phrase of the week: "Katten sover alltid i hundens seng." - The cat always sleeps in the dog's bed. Good to know that this is indeed a universal truth.

How Norway turns criminals into good neighbours.
"I really don't remember the last time we had violence here. Maybe we had one or two incidences of spitting?"

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I’m an immigrant and I’m white. When people go on anti-illegal immigrant tirades at me, I ask if they know that I’m an immigrant too. They ALWAYS say, “well you came here legally.” And I say, “how do you know?” and watch their little racist brains explode

Gearing up for the game! Never thought I'd be excited about a football match! Come on @[email protected]!

Learn a language with me for free! Duolingo is fun, and proven to work. Here’s my invite link:

In a world where there's always someone more interesting, more clever, more successful, and where even the things that make me unique seem to alienate me from others rather than endearing me, I'm just not sure how to find purpose and direction. I know this sounds like I'm fishing for something, but really I just wanted to get it out. Depression sucks, and I just hope I feel different in a few days.

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That’s right.. we now have an integrated Bacon ordering system at @[email protected] 😂

We're facing a . Trees can help. Join the call for by signing this @[email protected] petition demanding a UK government commitment to double tree cover by 2045.

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will make it so much harder for us to tackle the climate crisis. As @[email protected] leader I'll fight tooth and nail with our new MEPs to demand the urgent action we need, across the world and here at home.

"Political protest, spotting fake news, and taking control of new technology comes naturally to the UK’s under 10s, the so-called Alpha Generation."

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