"The policy of banning psychoactive drugs like LSD and ecstasy has put a block on research into their potential benefits as medicines in mental health conditions. Those allowed are alcohol, tobacco and caffeine – on the grounds of precedent, not harm."

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Is there anyone on the planet that doesn't own this exact box of useless computer cables from 15 years ago that they keep moving to new places as if it were full of gold?

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If you're goal is to learn how to code in 2020, here's a thread of advice for you πŸ‘‡πŸ»

@mike It just occured to me that I listen to you talk about faith and science every day (still working through Conversations back-issues), but as a fellow computer geek, I've never heard you talk about your computer setup, favourite software, programming languages, etc...except for mentioning your numerous VR setups :p

Any unusual preferences or opinions? (I love trackballs.) Thoughts on AMD vs Intel? Firefox vs Chrome? Ruby vs Python? Procedural vs Functional?

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Observation: between Dec 24th and Jan 1st, every single day feels like a lazy Sunday.

Then it's suddenly January 2nd and reality hits real badly.

Scientists attempt to recreate 'Overview effect' from Earth.
β€œYou want people to have that shift in perspective, to think planetary, [...] to solve multi-generational problems, not slap band aids on things.”

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This is a public service announcement πŸŽ„ πŸ“š πŸ€“

First Past the Post means Parliament doesn't reflect the people. Sign the petition for Proportional Representation: makevotesmatter.e-activist.com

Honestly, the only sense I can make of all this is that our prior status as an empire distorted our perspective of national pride and our place in the world so far that we're willing to destroy ourselves and take as many people down with us as possible. I'm ashamed and baffled.

What this feels like: a class of kids, buzzing with activity when a lone voice shouts a loud vulgarity. The class is now silent. The teacher looks directly at the kid and asks: "what did you just say?" The child, completely unashamed, shouts the vulgarity twice as loud.

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The climate and nature crisis that we face will not wait for anyone.
There is no time to waste, and Europe is wasting no time.

Watch President @vonderleyen@twitter.com unveil the . pscp.tv/w/1DXGypNYpzNKM

It is 42 years since the average UK seat last changed hands. The last time mine changed was 27 years ago. Find out when yours last changed! ers.do/safe-as-seats

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What concerns me is if the Torys are only counting 19,000 retained nurses in the "new nurses" numbers - does that mean they are expecting the other 300,000 current nurses to quit?

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