@mike @vishnu I've recently read Tara Westover's book "Educated", about her upbringing in an extreme insular Mormon family with no access to education, and her journey out from there into the wider world. She doesn't focus much on her faith, though, and I suspect she may have some interesting things to say. I wonder if you guys might consider reaching out to her to see if she'd be interested in being interviewed for the podcast?

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My mom has this up in her classroom.
(And Marie Curie is my dad’s hero...besides Spider-Man.)

"Extreme sea level events that used to occur once a century will strike every year on many coasts by 2050, but far worse impacts will hit without urgent action to cut fossil fuel emissions."

"Our planet is in crisis, balanced on a knife-edge at the point of no return." The Lib-Dems aren't just about stopping Brexit! There's a lot more to do! libdems.org.uk/a19-climate via @LibDems@twitter.com

Hey @duolingo@twitter.com, surely "You attended " is worth a few XP, right?

Super psyched after leaving the first ever international Duolingo conference. These guys have some amazing plans, and their dedication to free worldwide access to language education is phenomenal.


Norwegian phrase of the month:

"Hvorfor hopper rørleggeren på skilpaddener?"

(Why is the plumber jumping on the turtles?)


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Of all the awards he's won, this may be by far my most favourite and of which I am most proud. Citizen of the Week for, off his own back, downloading @duolingo@twitter.com to learn Arabic so he can speak with his new Syrian classmate. He has the kindest heart 💕

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Massive congratulations to Stinkyink’s IT Manager, Rich, on his wedding today!

Our Rich, all grown up. Ddaaawwwww.

From us Millenials to the upcoming Post-Millenial generation: thank you so much for your strength of conviction and your dedication to the global good. As our own generation starts to take its place in leadership, you are who we will need to inspire us and keep us to account.

I just received my first spam e-mail in Norwegian. I feel like this is some kind of milestone 🤣

Possibly the weirdest music video of all time 🤣 But seriously, we have about 12 years to avoid irreversibly screwing up the planet.


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@holly@twitter.com Captain: Now we have time travel, the solution is obvious, we'll go back to 1969 and...
Science officer: Uh, actually captain, the computer won't accept any date before 1 January 1970

100 days of learning a little bit of a new language every day, and it really is working! I'm sure Twitter won't miss you for those 10 minutes each day :p


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"NULL" was supposed to be a joke on this hacker's license plate. Instead, it's landed him a ticket any time a traffic cop forgot to fill in the license plate number on a citation. $12,049 in fines later, it's unclear if the tickets will ever stop coming wired.trib.al/Ac3CI0Z

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