What is @mike doing back on Instagram? I’m so confused 😂🤦‍♂️ did I miss something?!

@mike I know there’s research out there that says breast fed babies are smarter and healthier, but I don’t see any details about that and I can’t help but imagine that people who have the time and resources to devote to breast feeding are also probably the people who have time and resources to invest in their kids. It could just be spurious. Is there any real data to show definitively that breast is best?

@mike whats the science behind breast feeding? My wife is feeding our three week old and it’s hard. She hates it. Whatever hormone is supposed to make her feel like puppies frolicking on soft clouds while she feeds isn’t happening. But there’s so much social pressure to breast feed. All the armchair blogs say it’s best, but honestly the breast is best community feels a little cultish. And what about the research?

I miss believing in God. I really do. 🤷‍♂️

An old church song popped up on a random playlist. I just started bawling when it played. I couldn’t help it. Is that normal?

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