Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that my value is not in my output. I have inherent value in being.

I want to believe this...but I have a really hard time believing this. What justification for believing this do you find helps assuage the cognitive dissonance? Like, I don't just have a hard time remembering, I have a hard time even trusting that it's TRUE.

@brandice Gosh, I'm completely with you - especially right now. I think for me breath is the one equalizer. Humans breathe. We all breathe. Without breath we cease to be, yet we do nothing to earn breath. that's not a fully formed though, just kind of what I'm feeling at the moment. Much love!

@brandice also just want to say that i'm so sorry you're experiencing this crap feeling.. And i'm so thankful for your vulnerability, it's nice not being alone.

Honestly, I'm not actually feeling that crappy ATM, b/c my "outputs" have been pretty good. But I'm sick of being so volatile and so judgy. I think breath as a great equalizer kinda works... But I feel like someone even said to me at some point "have you earned your air today?" and I do think about life that way sometimes. It's exhausting. Learning to just breathe.

@JessicaDayle I hope the weekend brings some better feels, thankful you're here :D

@hagridaaron Thank you, friend. I’m taking the GRE on Monday for grad school —so I’m hyper focused on my output right now. It’ll be fine. I’m fiiiiiine. 😥😬

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