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I went back and listened to the Liturgists episode 2: “Genesis and Evolution” this morning. It was so interesting to hear again considering how the liturgists has evolved into what it is today...both the beliefs of the hosts and the execution of the podcast itself have come such a long way but the openness, honesty, and genuine approach to the conversations is as equally present in current episodes as it was in the first ones ❤️

Wow episode “Buddhist (part 1)” was kind of mind blowing...I feel like there’s still so much there I didn’t even get the first time!

Last weekend my friend Angela met you in Edmonton. I guess she told you about me and that I was sad I couldn’t be there to meet you because on Friday she presented me with a hand written note from you and I just want you to know it absolutely made my day 😁

Hey everyone!
Any other Canadians on here?
I’m a pastor’s kid who grew up in small town Alberta, just about to finish my fashion degree in Vancouver. , and have all been influential in helping me grow in empathy and understanding and have given me a larger perspective on life in general. I am excited to continue that process through this platform :)

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