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I'm currently working in a conservative Christian community, but a large part of my heart is in the skeptical "liturgists" space. And while the people I'm working with are incredibly gracious, it is so painful to experience how (often unintentionally) hurtful the conservative sphere can be.

@mike @vishnu and all of the rest of you in this community, thank you so much for making it an open space of grace and compassion. It literally gets me through the day sometimes :)

Rant, editing evangelical book, Calvinism 

Gentle Christian humour (Hotdog Jesus) 

Ma 3 poochies. The radar-eared one is a staffy X something (rat, we suspect), the handsome collared one is a proper staffy and the gorgeous beast we call the golden fluff (because she's part something golden, part something silky and equal parts loving, eccentric and terrified of everything)

Only the staffy isn't a rescue 😊

(I literally spent an hour trying to find a better pic that would post. Because the photos I take are too big or too awesome or something 😑)

can we all just take a moment to consider how creepy it is that most social networks have a redirecting url whenever you click a link from their platform that ties it to your account and uses it to profile you and make money selling the concept of your interests and passions as a commodity

Thank you @mike for creating this space for us, and for all the other things we've covered at length that make you one of the best humans I (digitally) know.

Thank you @vishnu and @Lisagungor for your deeply inspiring art, lives and invitations to depth, wisdom and beauty.

And thank you, people of for making this space inviting, warm and worth coming back to every day. Ya'll rock ❤️🤘

I drive 8 hours every Sunday = lots of time to listen to podcasts and think, and
I'm struck by 3 things:
1. It's so surreal that I'm involved in this loving, affirming, life-giving community despite being on the other side of the world.
2. The Tongues and S4 Finale episodes made me literally squeal with laughter. It almost got dangerous I was laughing so hard.
3. I'm going to look back one day and point to this phase in my life where things changed radically, for the better.

Trolling a toxic conference 

I just spent waaay to long scrolling through the random fediverse instance bot, and @socialtheliturgistscom is really freaking huge. Like, not quite the biggest, but definitely in the top 5 of the instances I saw. 👌

That said, the bot was posting random instances. So there could literally be hundreds bigger than this one that just didn't pop up 🤷‍♂️

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

My name is peeg
I littol guy
My ear go floop
I know not why
My floof is big
Cause mostly love
But not all floof
Is mostly chub

Hah. Thanks for this gem, @kennethlove 👌

"RT Right wingers wanting milkshake regulation immediately after a milkshake attack but not wanting gun regulation after hundreds of mass shootings leaving people dead sort of sums it all up really"

John Oliver broke The Science Guy, and it's incredible 😂 (The rest of the episode is definitely worth the watch too, but the real gold is right at the end).

Trigger warning: Contains swears and a childhood hero going pretty dark.

Help! Empathy for anti-vaxxers 

If you're at all interested in science and or get incredibly vexed by the way science is portrayed in the media (and have a few minutes to spare for an amusing, informative read), don't miss this. It's gold.

Props to @riayngrey for bringing this to the attention of the 'don. Much appreciated 👍

i do not do twitter, but my husband does and we have been getting a kick out of the new “IN MICE” feed, which is calling out hype and misinformation in science news reporting.

if you haven’t seen already

Stress relief, swears 

An alcoholic benediction 

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