@BenjaminParker yeesh. Good luck with that one mate, I feel you (similarly worried about job security due to stuff I post on FB).

Rant, editing evangelical book, Calvinism 

@Laura_I @mattwiebe @sven hah. It would seriously make my day if an author would actually do that 😂

@mattwiebe @sven haha. I suppose the "gloriously parenthetical" did kinda set that up. Fair play 👌

@BenjaminParker hah 😂

I've created show tracks with the voice over on the wrong channel before, but never a click. That's rough man 😂

@mattwiebe @sven I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Even if it is just a reference, I don't want to have to dig through the endnotes to find the correct number of the correct chapter while keeping my place.

The only time I'd consider endnotes a saving grace is when a majority of the references are gloriously elaborate parenthetical digressions. Try fitting two of those on a page and you're basically reading two lines of text and the footnotes. Which can get distracting.

@bduncan also, I want to honour the spirit of your request. It's one thing looking for a deeper understanding of something you don't believe so you can tear it down. It's quite another putting in that effort to find solidarity.

Huge thumbs up mate 👍

@bduncan this might be a little tangential to what you're actually looking for, but The Case For Christ (Lee Strobel) is one of *the* go-to books for Evangelical apologetics.

Also, maybe it's just his god-tier command of prose, but I've always found that C S Lewis articulates Christianity quite beautifully.

@LiveYourValues I don't have any answers because I'm going through a similar thing myself, only I'm the one in the community that is supporting me financially but moving further and further away from the values I'm coming to hold as critical (or I'm moving further away; at any rate, we're diverging fast).

So strength for the road ahead. And listen to the weariness in your soul and find ways to soothe it. Until you're able to move, that's probably the best way to start staying sane.


@JessieGinger sounds like Dunning-Kruger to me. Sorry about your fed-upness, that must be really frustrating to deal with.

Irony, magic zoo boat 

Gentle Christian humour (Hotdog Jesus) 

@riayngrey yep. My dream house has a fully kitted out studio (and a legit cuppachino machine to power me through the long sessions 😁)

@craigkommon woohoooo! I've been the only Saffer that I know of on here since I joined 😁

I work in Stellenbosch on Sundays but live in the garden route.

You in Cape Town proper?

Ma 3 poochies. The radar-eared one is a staffy X something (rat, we suspect), the handsome collared one is a proper staffy and the gorgeous beast we call the golden fluff (because she's part something golden, part something silky and equal parts loving, eccentric and terrified of everything)

Only the staffy isn't a rescue 😊

(I literally spent an hour trying to find a better pic that would post. Because the photos I take are too big or too awesome or something 😑)

can we all just take a moment to consider how creepy it is that most social networks have a redirecting url whenever you click a link from their platform that ties it to your account and uses it to profile you and make money selling the concept of your interests and passions as a commodity

straight Christian males and the problem 

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