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This is a fascinating article about the Exodus (or lack thereof) from an archaeological perspective. Here's the lede:

"The Passover narrative is one of the greatest stories ever told. More than any other biblical account, the escape of the enslaved Hebrews from Egypt is the foundational story of the Jewish faith and identity, one that all Jews are commanded to pass on from generation to generation.

Also, it never happened."

When you quote Rollins and @mike
for your conservative ministry's easter Sunday social media post
😇 😈 😂

According to childhood development texts, I'm little more than an indistinct blur to my boy right now.

I hope I'm a safe, friendly blur until you get to know my face bud ❤️

Confession / Hypocrisy 

Ponderings on the wrath of God 2/2 

Ponderings on the wrath of God 1/2 

Seen on the greater fediverse (@intherain):

"If you’re looking for an ethical or open source or privacy-preserving alternative to just about any online service, here is a surprisingly comprehensive list:
There were a few things missing, but there was also a ton of stuff I hadn't heard of before."

@mike you might find this useful in your quest to de-evil your social media experience (if you aren't already aware of it).

I just finished listening to the Social Media podcast. There is something instructive and deeply beautiful about how you guys demonstrate vulnerability and compassion, especially as public figures in a public forum.

I am moved and inspired. Thank you @mike @vishnu @hillarymcbride (and William Matthews, who I can't find on here).


@mike you spoke on one of the ASM episodes a while back about your involvement in a micro-loan platform, but I can't find the podcast or remember the name of the platform you used. Which one were you using, and is it still reliable ?
(I've read some scary shit about micro loans so I'm typically pretty leery of them.)

It's 3:30am and I have my weekly 4 hour trip to work ahead of me. It's time for @mike (and or @vishnu + the rest of the Liturgists gang) to keep me rolling with their insight, silky voices and inspiring compassion 😊

Cussing, pleading (and possible alcohol) 

Any other Ennea5s who feel like they should actually kinda probably on many days be a 9 instead?

Is it wierd that some of my favourite moments in podcasts are those delectable musical breakdowns? 😍

@vishnu ya'll need to bring out an Abraham's Bosom ep with those moments. I'd pay good money 😁

I'm currently working in a conservative Christian community, but a large part of my heart is in the skeptical "liturgists" space. And while the people I'm working with are incredibly gracious, it is so painful to experience how (often unintentionally) hurtful the conservative sphere can be.

@mike @vishnu and all of the rest of you in this community, thank you so much for making it an open space of grace and compassion. It literally gets me through the day sometimes :)

Also, for anyone name is David, but I really like umlauts and other interesting punctuation.

You: "Seriously‽"
Me: "Exactly."

So meditation is really challenging when you've never done it before, there are building noises outside your window, your mind is spinning like a top and your dogs are passionately interested in why you are at their level.

I may need to change some things about my setup if I want to get into this meditation thing 🙄

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