Our Lady is burning in the beginning of Holy Week.

i also had a feeling that the loneliness William described was a the yearning to be known deeply by someone else and we're really only able to fulfill this yearning in ourselves by ourselves if we have experienced it before consistently enough that we have something to guide us. knowing that there is no one in the moment who can do that for us also brings up the pain of loss for many of us which may become amplified by earlier, even more painful losses. so the answer is not as obvious nor easy.

"there is relationality and attachment within your self structure that allows you to connect to something and practice vulnerability even if nobody is there... "you can have a loving and attuned connection with yourself." says Hillary in the Fear episode which is a repeat I think? This is of course true but you need a masters in counseling or clinical psych to get it it's so dense with terminology. how can we say it in an inclusive integrating way?

this episode from can i say this at church is so good. he says something like if you can't get the parable of the prodigal son you can't get the gospel. the older son was the good one and look where it got him. we have to experience forgiveness and grace and it's impossible to do so if we're good. canisaythisatchurch.com/listen

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Is anybody else going to the "End of the World" tour visit in OKC, and perhaps going to the VIP bit up front? I don't know anyone else going, and I'm trying to form some touchpoints to boundary out my anxiety.

I was going to read all about love and then the ceiling fell in. Mr Ted my upstairs neighbor left the water running in the kitchen sink but first put the stopper in. i love Mr Ted.

when are we officially beginning to discuss all about love? I started it but have noticed there's already reflections on it which is really good to see. Or maybe my question is will there be a more structured group discussion around it at a given time here or some other way members can get together online for an hour or so? @Jeremy

i have little compassion to myself and now i'm helping myself imagining I'm not the only one. this was a good podcast episode. i'm gonna listen again and take notes in my journal. offtheclockpsych.com/podcast/m

thank you for your responses and boosts. as a result i ordered All About Love for the book club (I voted for it too) because your responses reminded me that shared activities are a big part of belonging :)

question: how do people get a sense that they belong? i don't feel i belong here just because i'm here. i'd like to but when is it when one begins to feel that way?

if you'd like to read one non-fiction book this black history month i recommend the warmth of other suns by isabel wilkerson. and you can listen to maze and frankie beverly in the background youtube.com/watch?v=AGk7MpigLc

it was a pretty tough day in the office today. friday is my busiest day anyway so there's that. but i need to process. got to remember to call a friend to process with tomorrow.

i must say another thing that reminds me here of early twitter is the techy posts. keep em coming!

today I listened to the On Being episode with Dr Daniel Kahneman and at one point he talked about the experiencing self and the thinking self and the we perceive our day being good or not good is more to do with our thinking self. He also said that often conclusions come first, not the argument. like the argument is the narrative we create from a conclusion which is created first from beliefs which are created by our particular environment. onbeing.org/programs/daniel-ka

this thing looks so nice. reminds me of twitter of 2008-10 time. Mike was so right in today's ASM episode, seeing things chronologically again feels so right and easy. also thank you for all the follows! toot toot.

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