it was a pretty tough day in the office today. friday is my busiest day anyway so there's that. but i need to process. got to remember to call a friend to process with tomorrow.

@hettie what do you do? I’m sorry you had a rough day. That sucks. 😢

@Leah yeah, Fridays are hard because I finish work late and when I get home I sometimes really feel the weight of the day. I love what I do but I don't have the social support at the moment from which I can refuel and give back. I left my old church about 5 months ago and most of my friends. and then my relationship ended (i think) and it was christmas. so lots going on and no close friends to process with. not in person, anyway.

@hettie @Leah sounds like a hard season of life. I’m sending thoughts your way. Thank you for sharing.

@hettie oh that sounds like an incredibly lonely space to be in right now💔 I’m really sorry. I hope you find some face to face love, but know I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad you shared this. I wish I could be the person to hug you today.

@Leah i love hugs on and off line and your response felt like one. Thank you :)

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