thank you for your responses and boosts. as a result i ordered All About Love for the book club (I voted for it too) because your responses reminded me that shared activities are a big part of belonging :)

when i moved to the US I needed to pick a baseball team (besides the Mets haha). It was 2013, the Astros were doing terribly but they had the H so I went for them. And then we both got better and better :) @shiNe

@hettie Oh! Where did you move here from?? Yeah! The Astros have come a looooonnngggg way! I grew up in Houston. So I’ve been a fan for the greater part of my life!

@shiNe I moved here from the UK, but my ethnicity is cuban hungarian. My dad loves baseball so I do too. it's so cool to "meet" an actual astros fan!⚾

@hettie That’s a cool background!! I’m excited to talk a little baseball with a fellow Liturgist come next season!

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