i also had a feeling that the loneliness William described was a the yearning to be known deeply by someone else and we're really only able to fulfill this yearning in ourselves by ourselves if we have experienced it before consistently enough that we have something to guide us. knowing that there is no one in the moment who can do that for us also brings up the pain of loss for many of us which may become amplified by earlier, even more painful losses. so the answer is not as obvious nor easy.

@Schusfuster yeah, she completely missed this possibility. but it's alright. it's a sign she's human. i'm forever confused anyway about the equal importance given to deep connections to others and rising to the planes of connecting to ourselves so deeply that we can resolve our own pain. Which is the real deal? I have no idea and my brain hurts when i think about it. But mostly i find that the healing is in me being known and recognized through which i can know and recognise myself.

@hettie I feel like I need external energy to heal, and I don't have it, which leaves me to emotional cannibalism.

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