@mike How do I get The Alien and the Robot into my podcast feed (Stitcher)? I absolutely hate streaming it via my phone's browser!

Is there a way to look at larger stats related both to Mastodon and to our instance, in particular? Trending hashtags, active users, complete list of all existing instances, sorting amongst particular variables, etc? I'm just curious about the larger picture...

@mike Am I understanding that correctly? If so, that seems problematic to me. It's like handing my phone to someone and inviting them to check out my search history, only worse, because it starts imposing my search history on everybody else. And imposing everybody else's search history on me. Which doesn't feel at all private, whether those searches can be tied to any particular user or not. Am I missing something?

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@mike So if I, as a member of the Liturgists Instance start following or communicating with someone in, say, an ice cream-themed Instance, now all the Liturgists will begin seeing ice cream posts in their fediverse feed. Is that correct? If so, the interests of every user will begin to color the content every other user sees, whether mundane or exotic, family-friendly or illicit (content warning, or not). As such, personal and private interests necessarily become public.

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@mike I'm reading more on the web about how Mastodon works. The fediverse, in particular. My current understanding is that if any user of Instance A connects with any user of Instance B, those two Instances now become joined at the fediverse level and posts (and users?) from both Instances will now show up in the fediverse feeds of each Instance. Correct?

@mike So Mastodon addresses the predatory qualities of the corporate social media options. Does it do anything to lessen the addictive qualities of social media for those of us who are trying to put down our phones more (read: and failing)?

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