Ok, new to Mastodon, here because if Mike says to do something I usually do it. What do I need to know?

@hillarymcbride I don't know but I just listened to the patreon episode and followed as well :D

@hillarymcbride just know a lot of people follow Mike's advice. And now we're all here trying to figure out why we're all here. Haha

@hillarymcbride if you're on iOS tootdon is a pretty solid app. I've enjoyed following all the folks that Mike follows (basically everyone) to get a feel for the community as a whole. It's a bit harder for me to follow conversations, but the content is fantastic!

@hagridaaron what’s the trick to logging on? It gives me error messages saying it can’t find my instance

Things to know: tooting is ok and expected at times.
Welcome!!! It's the liturgists! ❤

@hillarymcbride 100% same 😂 if @mike says to go to a new platform, I comply without question hahaa. I wish I could help on the “need to know” side of things, but so far all I need to know that I’d pass along is that that “toot!” button heals my soul a little bit every time I press it lol

@hillarymcbride Hello!! So happy you're here!
@sandrockcstm seems to be a great resource. Other than that, I guess we'll figure it out together.

@hillarymcbride Hi Hilary! Glad you're here! If you click this link: @sandrockcstm you'll see some of my posts pinned to my profile that will help you get started.

Mastodon is a bit confusing at first, but just like with facebook or twitter it becomes second nature with a bit of practice!

I'd also encourage you to read some of the threads on #gettingstarted, as others have contributed some great information as well!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have questions!

@hillarymcbride one thing that I’d point out to you is that you’ll be limited to 500 characters. I love reading what you post on instagram and the things you are thinking about.

When you share similar things here, you’ll need to do it in multiple posts.

Good morning to you. I’m glad you’ve joined us. ❤️

I’m off to do my yoga practice and listen to my body. TTYL

@hillarymcbride it’s kinda like Twitter. Just go ahead and post away. Happy to see you here!

@hillarymcbride also, since you asked what you need to know... 😉

You should know that you are loved and appreciated. Learning from you has changed my life. Thank you.

@hillarymcbride the most useful thing I've done is follow as many people as possible, otherwise all you see is just Mike. 😅 My first couple of days I couldn't figure out why only Mike was talking...😅

@hillarymcbride Definitely figure out how to see the local timeline, which shows everyone who registered to the liturgists Mastadon instance. Looks like this: 👇🏼

@hillarymcbride Did anyone answer? I am new, too and don't know what I need to know ... Now that I posted here, maybe when someone answers you I will see it.

@hillarymcbride Hello! I joined yesterday as well :) So far the space he is helping to curate is a healthy one.

@hillarymcbride So far the only thing I learned is that to get to someone's "profile" (or whatever it is called) you have to click their little picture, not their username.

@hillarymcbride I’m learning as well, I do like the separate tabs - “local” and “federation”. It’s nice to have a choice. ❤️

@hillarymcbride i'm with you. i joined b/c Mike said to. but i'm clueless. 🤣

@hillarymcbride Know that you were very missed at the Minneapolis gathering. 😢

@hillarymcbride be you! This is new territory for me too, it is completely different to Facebook. I keep expecting it to be like what I’m used to and it’s just not. And that’s ok.

@hillarymcbride 💯 me right now. Only I’m 6 months behind on catching up on the podcast. Plus side I’ve got 6 months of helpful responses 🤣

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