Hi everyone! I'm Liz and new to this site/community. I'm hoping to connect with others and overcome my anxiety of posting/writing online. I was raised Episcopalian by parents who were atheists and my wife is ex-evangelical. I have so many questions about God, mindfulness, science, and emotional intelligence. I recently left the academic world and I write a lot about whiteness (especially the white savior complex), social media, and LGBTQ+ issues. Nice to meet ya'll!

@hufflepuff welcome! im very curious what you did in academia and what caused you to leave (particularly as someone interested in mindfulness)

@ambientnaturecultures I was an instructor in communication & rhetoric. I turned down my PhD offers this spring (w/mixed feelings) for several reasons: my mental health, personal/family goals, timing, and to pursue more public-facing work, service, and writing that is accessible to those outside the academy. I am currently co-authoring a book on how mindfulness can help people see whiteness (& all its issues) in everyday communication, both in how we consume and produce messages (esp. images).

@hufflepuff as an academic with a mindfulness background, I am so intrigued! sounds like you've really found an alternative that combines all of your passions.

may I ask about the mental health issues you ran into? I'm currently dealing with some of my own, especially around the humanities's need to constantly critique everything

@ambientnaturecultures mh issues included anxiety and depression mostly, which i thankfully dealt with through therapy, meditation, yoga, and a strong support system.
regarding the book -- we are waiting to hear back from publishers. i'll know more in the next month or so and will likely post on here & my website (which i will link to here once it's updated).

@hufflepuff and where might I go to hear about the book when it's released??

@hufflepuff welcome! Can't wait to read more of your questions and stories :) and writings, if you feel okay sharing them!

@hufflepuff Have you listened to the Seeing White podcast series hosted by Dan Koch on the Scene on Radio podcast?

@Mark_Prellberg It's been on my list but I haven't yet. Have you had a chance to listen? If so, what did you think of it?

@hufflepuff I thought it was a great series. Dan Koch is one of my favorite podcasters now. I went on to listen to his 'Depolarize' podcast and his newest one, 'You have permission', is on my current playlist(my job allows me to listen to lots of podcasts.) I definitely learned a lot from Seeing White, still not sure what to do about it.

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