I have a long road trip coming up next week. What are your audio book or podcast recommendations? I like a variety of genres and am always curious what folks are listening to.

@hufflepuff how fun! The Goldfinch by Tartt and The Night Circus by Morgenstern both are epic books with fantastic narrators. Also Zealot by Aslan.

I've been listening to to NPR's Throughline. They take a current thing and look at the history leading up to it.


gastropod- history and science of food, so fun!

splendid table- another food radio show

narcotica- three drug policy journalists talk about drugs and drug users, great interviews with experts! (my husband co-creates this one just to be clear 🖤)

you made it weird with pete holmes- long unedited convos with comedians and others about all kinds of things.

and for books: check out n. k. jemisin on audible. she has three different trilogies, they are EXCELLENT.

@hufflepuff if you like medical stuff and/or history, Sawbones is one I do not get tired of! It's also funny.

@hufflepuff Podcasts:
- Becoming Wise
- Buddhist Boot Camp
- Kind World
- Ted Talks Daily
- Heart Wisdom Podcast
- Tara Brach
- On Being
- Ted Radio Hour
- The Moth
- Story Corps
- This American Life
- Radiolab
- Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
- Stuff You Should Know
- Fresh Air

@hufflepuff oh and Braiding Sweetgrass by Kimmerer is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read. The audiobook is also good.

I really liked the seeing white podcast (about race in America), and the unerased podcast (about LGBTQ acceptance in America)

@hufflepuff and Real Queer America was an inspiring look at some of the unknown, modern-day, LGBTQ heroes in conservative parts of the country.

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