I have a reassignment of duties this fall to write a book about how I navigate the worlds of science and religion using my lens as a science educator. I'd love to talk with some of you about it. This will be my first book. My goal is to write this for a more general audience than just academics.

@ianbinns What do you feel is the most important topic that connects science and faith together that we (being people who are etymologically founded in science and/or religion) need to talk about?

@Judah A few things come to mind right away. The logistics of writing this book for one. My goal is to write this book for the general public, but I also need to make my bosses happy at the University.

I know that's not a lot to go on at the moment. I'm about to head home. I'm working on updating my site with more information on all of this as well as creating a 1 page description of this project that I can share with others, especially publishers and people like @mike

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