Ok. Question for the group and I would really like some help. What is the enneagram? I literally just started the podcast on this topic. Any help is greatly appreciated.

@ianbinns the enneagram is a personality typing system with 9 (ennea) types of personality traits so to speak. It is more tied to spirituality and understanding how you interact with others when you're healthy and how you interact with others when you're unhealthy. It's very interesting and freeing for a lot of people.

@ianbinns the podcast episodes are a good introduction. Ian Morgan Cron (an Episcopalian Priest) has an entire podcast devoted to it. And he wrote a book titled "The Road Back to You" if you're interested

@Brandon_B Thanks for the info. We are both Ian and Episcopal, so definitely have to check that out.

It's been very useful to me for both personal insight, and as a tool for helping me empathize with important people in my life.

@ianbinns when I realized I’m a type 9 it was like a lightbulb went off. So many things made sense and it was easy to understand my interactions with some of the people I’m closest too. I highly recommend taking the time to dive into it

@rebekahcrabs I will. I just noticed on Ian Cron's website that I could take a quick, free test to see where I land. i'm curious if doing it this quickly is helpful. Thoughts?

@ianbinns @rebekahcrabs
I think that's the one I did.
I wasn't sure about what it told me, at first.. but as I've read more and more, I think that it's pretty darn accurate.
Even if I don't like all that I've seen in myself, now that I'm pretty settled in the type, it was right.

@ianbinns I took a bunch but honestly I read the road back to you and when I read type 9 it was startling how much I saw myself. Like whenever people are mildly upset I tend to perceive i’m being yelled at. I’d recommend reading the book because the tests are tricky

@ianbinns Hey Ian, 4w5 here.
I love the enneagram because it gives me a framework to understand how the confusing perspectives of others can be beautiful. It helps me humanize the other, and helps me see my own self-worth in a clearer way, as I see that I am not "uniquely broken".

I personally love Richard Rohr's series, as it uniquely connects the enneagram to the divine in a way that is about love, and not exclusivity.
You said you are episcopalian, so I recommend his brief blog series!

@Judah Thanks for sharing. I'll look into Richard Rohr. What does "4w5" mean?

@ianbinns Sorry about that, a little exclusive language there.
I'm an enneagram 4: the indavidualist, with a 5 wing, meaning I exhibit motivational traits of primarily the "type 4", but also partially the "type 5".

@ianbinns It's a model and a map for understanding the self and integrating yourself more fully. Becoming aware of what's in your "shadow" (the place where you store the parts of yourself that you deem unacceptable from a societal perspective.) After identifying your type it's good to step into building awareness of yourself and your body, for which meditation is a great tool. Check out "The Sacred Enneagram" by Christopher Heuertz. He has some great practical steps to take.

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