Where did the deconstruction and reconstruction idea come from?

@Biill that’s cool. I’m part of F3 and Iron Sharpens Iron is a big part of it for us

@andrewmurray86 ouch. I almost had my right index finger amputated two years ago because of a strep A infection. Not a fun time

@Judah A few things come to mind right away. The logistics of writing this book for one. My goal is to write this book for the general public, but I also need to make my bosses happy at the University.

I know that's not a lot to go on at the moment. I'm about to head home. I'm working on updating my site with more information on all of this as well as creating a 1 page description of this project that I can share with others, especially publishers and people like @mike

@Judah Thanks for sharing. I'll look into Richard Rohr. What does "4w5" mean?

@rebekahcrabs I will. I just noticed on Ian Cron's website that I could take a quick, free test to see where I land. i'm curious if doing it this quickly is helpful. Thoughts?

@Ricci @Brandon_B Thank you. Good to know. I am starting to really work on self-awareness.

@Brandon_B Thanks for the info. We are both Ian and Episcopal, so definitely have to check that out.

Ok. Question for the group and I would really like some help. What is the enneagram? I literally just started the podcast on this topic. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm new to this platform and I'm already impressed with all of the comments from people in this group. Seems like such a supportive group of people. I'm excited about sharing with everyone here.

@andrewmurray86 Question for you if you don't mind. If you do, I'm sorry and just ignore. How'd you get the stump?

I have a reassignment of duties this fall to write a book about how I navigate the worlds of science and religion using my lens as a science educator. I'd love to talk with some of you about it. This will be my first book. My goal is to write this for a more general audience than just academics.

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