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The other weekend me and my boyfriend did a chaotic painting together and it’s a trip ☺️

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Every time I see this liturgist photo on patreon I think of Mike Wazowski. 😂

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Love these words from the 2018 "Call the Midwife" holiday special: "The quarrel is not between ourselves. It is within us. The quarrel is between one's own desires and that which is demanded. The quarrel is between the body and its longings, the soul and its terrors, and the mind, yearning to be free. The quarrel defines us. It drives us forwards, upwards, to our knees in prayer. You must embrace the quarrel. The quarrel will lead us to the answer. It is everything we are."

Here’s a sleeping cat from my surprise late night visit to a cat cafe the other week ☺️

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Hi, kindreds. 👋

Setting up a Mastodon account feels like riding into the wild blue yonder of the internet, and I am not sad about it. In fact, I don't think I've been this mystified by an internet platform since Neopets (!).

I never knew how much I was holding my breath until I gasped for air and ran from the crowded halls of social media. It was just too much. So now I'm dipping a toe back in the socials. I'm equal parts petrified and excited to connect with people online again. 😬🎉

So in my I announced to the mastodon massive that I was an eniagram 9 (this was a week ago) but on self reflection I have accepted that I’m way more 4 than 9. It’s been a huge and healing revelation to me and my relationships

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I've heard that it can do a lot for people with chronic anxiety, seizure disorders, pain and inflammation, and a few other conditions.
I've also heard that CBD can interact with medications, kind of like grapefruit.


Definitely talk to a doctor first.

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Vegan, and low starch, but massive amounts of vegetables. Then supplementation of Vitamin D and a B Complex after blood tests had shown me deficient. After I started taking the supplements I felt like I was on speed, I had such a major change in energy.

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@inthetracks when I was taking it fairly regularly I never get a rush of relief or anything, I just noticed that overall most days had just gone better than what they were usually. People said I smiled more and I just felt like a part of the stress of school was gone, or at least I didn’t need to focus on it all.
I personally think the big new fad of CBD is kinda overblown and silly, but I’ve found some data of it working clinically and I am a firm believer in the placebo effect!

I have a question for y’all:

What are people’s opinions of taking CBD oil?

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I recently learned about one of the ways that Norewegians get through the long, dark winters. They have a practice called "Koselig". The word means hug or to be cozy. From what I understand, people in the community gather. They light candles and fireplaces, drink warm beverages, sit under fuzzy blankets, and actively practice coziness together. How beautiful is that?

Was walking through town the other evening and there was no joke an old people’s choir singing about seeing the whole moon and they were dressed in tinfoil. It warmed my heart!

Wish I could justify owning this masterpiece 😍 but seriously, what is the likelihood of me ever owning a house with a wall big enough for it to allow its epic nature space to truly display its epicness to humanity? Only God would know the likelihood of this purchase ever being worth it for me and he wont tell me....not that it actually occurred to me to ask him before I wrote this toot...God? Thoughts on this? All joking aside, it is amazing! Where would you hang this piece if you could choose?

I’m Kate, I guess people label me as a Creative and a Christian and a few other things...

Recently I’ve been reading a tone of books, listening to a tone of podcasts and playing some exceptional board games. Also surprisingly found myself playing RPG’s like D&D and they kinda fun.

I’m also definitely an eniagram 9, slightly anxious and trying to figure out how to adult. Seriously, the struggle is real!

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