My brother and I were talking two nights ago and I wanted to share the takeaway from our conversation: We're tired of pastors over emphasizing Bible reading. It often becomes the only application point in sermons. What if we emphasized love in action instead? What if we used scripture as a tool to educate us, motivate us and shape us toward living out love? But most sermons are like a friend encouraging us to read "How to go on a date" over and over and never actually... Go on a date.


@DanDrake I can't find the original quote, but in the (cheesy, Christian) movie The Grace Card, one of the characters says, "Dr. King used to teach us Sunday, that was the locker room . . . But Monday through Saturday, there was the game. That's where it all took place." I don't know if King actually said that, but the sentiment has stuck with me. What if every time the team was in the locker room, the coach just repeated the rules of the game? Sometimes I feel like that's how church is.

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