As we get ready to bid farewell to the band Gungor, this is my

Before I met @vishnu, my entire understanding of Gungor was the song Beautiful Things, which I new because I'd played it at church. I remember thinking the song was too textured to be a Christian song, and the lyrics were thoughtful and stuck with me.

After I met @vishnu, I went through the catalog and found it compelling, but it didn't fit the reference frame I was in with the Divine. That changed with I Am Mountain and Vapor in a big way--that's the first record that made me feel like there was music for people like me.

That continued (and intensified) with One Wild Life--which is basically a psychedelic trip transformed into music.

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Sometimes, it's strange for me being friends with this wonderful man. He's so freaking talented that it intimidates me if I think about it too much.

Even though we're friends, I think he'd think it's weird how often I listen to the music he and Lisa have made together.

But, if I am honest, no music has been as influential or impactful in my life in the last few years than Gungor, and I will be sad to see the project come to its natural conclusion.

What's your ?

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@mike My is much simpler simply due to the fact that I have different music tastes. However, I've always found Gungor's music to be influential in my life either directly or indirectly.

I purchased Beautiful Things for my sister the one Christmas and then I had started listening to them after that. It spoke to me at the time, but as I moved forward in my beliefs I Am Mountain was much more fascinating.

I'm going to give all the albums a listen now, see how they speak to me now.

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