Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@roberttheiv @emkem I've been wrestling with this concept too. Although I was raised to read it in an exclusionary way, I now see it more as Christ stating that wherever there is Truth & Life, he is present.

And when he says nobody comes to God but through Him? I mean, the religious authorities had a strict way to God. But here comes Jesus preaching radical inclusion & ctrcultural love, & he has the nerve to say that His way is actually the way to the Divine.

Christ as “the Way” vs. Pantheism 

@roberttheiv @emkem The more I start to read Christ's words in the context of the religious/political situation when he spoke them, the more I see I find myself saying "Damn, he just BROUGHT it." And then it suddenly seems all the more relevant to what we're facing today, with the gatekeepers of orthodox Christianity insisting on their understanding being the only way. I can imagine Jesus shaking his head and saying, "We've been down this road before..."

Today the landing page for Google (Australia) has a lovely tribute to Steve Irwin on his 57th birthday. Nearly teared up when the family stuff came along.

Apex Legends is taking up the majority of my free time 🙈

@EJames just posted saying I'm so bad with social media and it's taken me a week to reply 😂
I've only played for a couple of hours, so I'll come back with a more varied view later, I promise! 😬

I want to get more active on here but I'm just so not into the whole social media stuff. I really like this decentralized platform though, so it's reinvigorated me to give it a shot.

Starting with this wonderful video to share for you all (thinking of the asymptotic fidelity of words and how all words are just made up anyways):

Bought Kingdom Hearts III yesterday for PS4. Super stoked to get started today 😬

Just had a great conversation with @maartjereggin about my deconstruction. I really have to learn not to throw around a bunch of terms without first defining them. Language is tough...

Can we all just agree that @vishnu 's laugh is one of the greatest things in the world? 😂

I love the standard @mike photo, but who votes for a new @mike selfie for this new platform he got all of us to join? I think you owe us at least that Mike. We can see that shit on Facebook!

Love what I heard about this network from @mike on thank you for helping us build true community. Excited to explore!

@mike I came to the Lost and Found evening y’all did in LA many moons ago, right before my mom died and I moved out of California back to my home state. My whole body shook for hours after I left. I had believed for so, so long to the core of my being that there was no place left for me, and then, there it was: a small place for me. You all (and this group of humans) have really become my family, which I hope isn’t weird and I’m sure many people relate to.

@mike My is much simpler simply due to the fact that I have different music tastes. However, I've always found Gungor's music to be influential in my life either directly or indirectly.

I purchased Beautiful Things for my sister the one Christmas and then I had started listening to them after that. It spoke to me at the time, but as I moved forward in my beliefs I Am Mountain was much more fascinating.

I'm going to give all the albums a listen now, see how they speak to me now.

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